6 Paths Of Pain


6 Paths Of Pain

What are the 6 paths of Pain?

Influences – Based upon the six Buddhist Paths of Reincarnation, each body was named after one of the different Paths : Deva, Asura, Human, Animal, Preta, and Naraka. Each of these Paths, or realms, represents one of the realms a being is reborn into after death, determined by the accumulated karma of their past lives.

Is there a 7th path of Pain?

Overview – One who wields the Rinnegan is said to exist outside the realm of life and death. They are regarded as the seventh Pain, the Outer Path, and wield the power to control life and death itself. With this power, the user is able to revive the dead through the Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique, though doing so comes at the cost of the user’s life.

  1. The Rinnegan allows for the creation of black receivers, and by transmitting their chakra into these receivers, the user can bind anyone they touch through the power of the Outer Path.
  2. The user can also manifest the chakra chains of the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path to restrain those who touch the receivers with an even greater binding power.

By implanting black receivers into corpses or reincarnated individuals, the user can reanimate and remotely control the bodies as the Six Paths of Pain, These bodies, as well as the King of Hell and the creatures summoned through the Animal Path, all have reflections of the Rinnegan in their eyes and share visual information with the user through the Outer Path. Souls summoned back from the Pure Land. During the Fourth Shinobi World War, Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki demonstrated the ability to recall the souls of the previous Kage from the Pure Land to assist him in summoning Team 7 and the tailed beasts back from Kaguya Ōtsutsuki ‘s core dimension,

Who is the strongest of the 6 paths of Pain?

Deva Path – In Buddhist Mythology, the first three paths are known as the benevolent destinies, as beings whose karma was on the virtuous side are reborn into these bountiful realms. The Deva path represents gods or celestial beings and is one of the benevolent destinies, granted to those that were the most righteous in their previous lives.

Those reborn in this realm are comparable to deities and have achieved the highest form of sentience. This significance is accurately reflected in the series as the Deva Path is arguably the strongest out of the Six Paths of Pain, with powers comparable to a god’s. The Deva Path has the power of attraction and repulsion at its core, with most of its abilities reflecting this concept.

Some of these god-like powers include Planetary Devastation and Almighty Push, both reflective of the divine inspiration that went into the Deva Path.

Who killed 6 paths of Pain?

Reception – Nagato has been a popular character from the Naruto series. IGN listed him as the fourth best character in the story. The site called him “one of the most philosophically and psychologically complex characters” due to the depth he brought to the series and the impact he had on the story, not only for his crimes but for the way he tried to redeem himself in his final moments interacting with Naruto.

IGN felt Nagato’s battle with Jiraiya was the franchise’s second best fight, adding it might be one of the best animated fights in anime history. On the other hand, Anime News Network criticized the story of Nagato and Jiraiya, feeling that Sasuke Uchiha’s conflict with the Akatsuki was far more entertaining; nevertheless, the fact that Nagato killed his former teacher was said to have a major impact on the series.

In a manga popularity poll, Nagato was voted the 23rd most popular Naruto character. Critical response to Nagato’s role in the series has been positive. Anime UK News praised his invasion of Konohagakure, mainly due to the chaos he created during the fights, offering the audience a sensation of hopelessness as multiple characters were defeated and killed, yet still providing hope that Naruto would be able to defeat Nagato due to his constant training.

  1. The reviewer also felt the appearance of Konohamaru Sarutobi, a younger ninja friend of Naruto, to defeat one of the six Pains was appealing but said the anime’s production did not live up to the original manga.
  2. Anime News Network said the major destruction Nagato brought to the village had a great impact, most notably when the area became empty because of one of his techniques.

His eventual fight against Naruto has been praised for the fact that both fighters used interesting tactics during the battle, with Mania Entertainment sensing a major change in Naruto as he was haunted by the idea of avenging Jiraiya. The Fandom Post wrote that Nagato impacted both the story and Naruto when he nearly killed Hinata Hyuga once Naruto was overwhelmed by him.

  • The new motivation Naruto had for defeating the Akatsuki was praised despite the mixed responses to the way he defeated Nagato in the next episodes.
  • UK Anime Network also praised Nagato’s actions during the invasion and the fights for all the damage he caused to the village.
  • The reviewer recommended these scenes to newcomers because of how interesting the story had become and felt this arc was the best part of the series for fans.

However, the reviewer strongly criticized the animation Studio Pierrot produced for an episode where the struggle between Nagato and Naruto continued. In contrast to UK Anime Network, another reviewer for The Fandom Post thought the anime adaptation managed to make the fight between Nagato and Naruto entertaining in terms of movements, audio and voice acting.

  1. They felt Nagato’s words regarding his philosophy of war had a big impact on Naruto, who said he cannot fight back.
  2. Anime News Network felt that the entire battle managed to be one of the best in the series because of the tactics used by the two characters, and had a notable emotional impact on viewers.

Following the battle that ended when Naruto defeated all six Pains after which Nagato interacted with him. Nagato’s past was viewed as too tragic by Anime News Network, citing the death of his parents among other desperate scenes that led the reviewer to feel it was too dark for a series aimed at a young demographic.

Why does all Pain have Rinnegan?

He Is Legendary Puppeteer – Many puppeteer ninja can control bodies, dolls, objects, the like. However, with the help of his Rinnegan, Pain is able to control the Six Paths of Pain simultaneously and use their bodies as if they were his own. Because of this, he’s easily one of the most powerful and legendary puppeteers to have existed.

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How did Sasuke get Rinnegan?

How Sasuke Awakened The Rinnegan – The Rinnegan is one of the Three Great Eyes in the Naruto world – the other two being the Sharingan and the Byakugan. Out of all three, the Rinnegan is, by far, the strongest eye and is known to only awaken in people who greatly alter the fate of the world.

One with the Rinnegan is known to shape the world in drastic ways, that is, either bring peace and harmony to the world or send it into utter chaos. For Sasuke Uchiha to receive this just goes to show how important his character was to Masashi Kishimoto. As he’s stated on several occasions, Sasuke and Naruto and the two sides of the same coin.

Often, he makes them progress side by side and Sasuke has also been described to be the Yin to Naruto’s Yang. As Naruto received the power of the Six Paths Sage Mode, Sasuke received the Rinnegan as an equivalent upgrade. The Rinnegan isn’t all that easy to acquire, however.

  1. In fact, in all of Naruto, only three people are known to have awakened this power.
  2. Originally, the Rinnegan belonged to the Sage of Six Paths, Hagoromo Otsutsuki.
  3. He inherited this eye from his mother, Kaguya Otsutsuki, who had the Rinne Sharingan, a Kekkei Mora related to both the Sharingan and the Rinnegan.

Hagoromo’s son, Indra Otsutsuki, inherited his visual prowess as the Sharingan and became the founder of the Uchiha clan. As such, the Uchiha were his descendants and all had a piece of the power of the Sage of Six Paths. To awaken the Rinnegan, however, one would need to combine the power of both of Hagoromo’s sons to give rise to his own chakra.

As such, awakening the Rinnegan is only possible for their reincarnations, or someone making use of their chakra. Madara Uchiha became the first person to awaken this eye when he was Indra’s reincarnation. He stole Hashirama’s flesh, who was Asura’s reincarnation, and the combination of these two powers led to the awakening of the Rinnegan.

In the Fourth Great Ninja War, Sasuke Uchiha, who was already the reincarnation of Indra Otsutsuki, met Hagoromo after he was in a near-death state. Just as with Naruto, Hagoromo gave half of his chakra to Sasuke, which led to his left Sharingan turning into a Rinnegan.

How did Nagato get Rinnegan?

How Did Nagato Get the Rinnegan? – Nagato is seen with the Rinnegan at a young age, before losing his parents in an unfortunate incident during the Second Great Shinobi War, It was originally thought that Nagato was somehow born with them, later it’s revealed that Nagato was given the Rinnegan by Madara Uchiha.

While Madara managed to revive himself and extend his lifespan, he knew that he still wouldn’t have enough time to accomplish his goal. Madara’s ultimate plan involved bringing peace to the world by projecting the Infinite Tsukuyomi onto the moon to enslave humanity in a dreamlike state. To ensure he’d have the power to see his plan through, he transplanted the Rinnegan eyes into a young Nagato with the intention of returning years later using the reanimation jutsu to reclaim the eyes.

But the question remains: why Nagato?

Can Sasuke use Six Paths?

Naruto Uzumaki has found himself in a dangerous predicament in Boruto, and the only one who can save him is his best friend, Sasuke, To do that, however, Sasuke will need to recover his strongest power that he has recently lost in battle: the Rinnegan.

  1. Eye techniques, or Dojutsu, are a specific genetic trait that alters eyes and is usually inherited among the bloodline of a shinobi clan.
  2. The Uchiha have the Sharingan, while the Hyuga clan has the Byakugan.
  3. A third type of Dojutsu, the Rinnegan, is much rarer and is not connected to a specific clan, but it’s often considered the most powerful.

After receiving half of Hagoromo Otsutsuki’s chakra during the final battle against Kaguya, Sasuke awakened a Rinnegan in his left eye, which allows him to use all the Six Paths Techniques, plus one space-time manipulation power that is unique to Sasuke’s Rinnegan, and that will.

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Is 6 Paths stronger than Rinnegan?

10 Stronger: Rinnegan – It Grants The User Abilitie Similar To Six Paths Sage Mode. The Rinnegan is one of the strongest dojutsu in the Naruto world, if not the strongest.

Can Sasuke beat 6 Paths of Pain?

10 Can Fight: Naruto Uzumaki – Naruto Uzumaki is known to be the strongest shinobi in the entire world by the end of the series, having surpassed even the likes of Hashirama Senju and his father, Minato. Like Sasuke, during the Fourth Great Ninja War which amplified his powers greatly. Currently a Jonin of Konohagakure, Rock Lee was once considered to be a match for both Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha. His skills with Taijutsu were known to be unmatched. Unfortunately, with time, and by the end, Sasuke was several times stronger than him. In a fight between the two, Lee wouldn’t stand a chance. Madara Uchiha was a legendary figure who was prominent throughout the majority of the Naruto series. After being revived during the Fourth Great Ninja War, Madara went on to become the Jinchūriki of the Ten-tails. At his full strength, he was quite easily a match for both Naruto and Sasuke. Unfortunately, before he could even show fans what he was truly capable of doing. was the Jonin leader of Team Guy and one of the strongest on the battlefield during the Fourth Great Ninja War. He displayed his strength when going up against Madara Uchiha in his Six Paths form. Although Guy was tough, Madara was nowhere close to his full power at this point, and despite being weakened, Guy had to rely on help from Gaara, Lee, and Minato to put up a fight. Kaguya Otsutsuki is said to be the progenitor of chakra on Earth and according to Hagoromo, stronger than anyone. Being, her strength was immense, to begin with, but she got even stronger after consuming the Chakra Fruit of the God Tree. Kaguya was stronger than both Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha during the Fourth Great Ninja War. Tsunade is the Fifth Hokage of Konohagakure and a splendid Kunoichi who played quite a significant role during the Fourth Great Ninja War. Although her strength is quite enough to be considered a Kage, when compared to Sasuke, she pales in comparison. Sasuke, in his Six Paths form, is powerful enough to beat the Five Kage with minimal effort, which means Tsunade stands absolutely no chance. Known to be the Second Six Paths, Obito Uchiha became the during the Fourth Great Ninja War and gained immense powers. Sasuke, despite having awakened his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, couldn’t fight him alone. With his Rinnegan and Six Paths powers, however, Sasuke is definitely stronger than Six Paths Obito Uchiha. While the latter can put up a good fight, he’d eventually lose to Sasuke. Nagato was the first person with the Rinnegan to be introduced to the fans in the series. According to Jiraiya, his skills were marvelous and his powers would go on to either make the world a better place or destroy it completely. In the Fourth Great Ninja War, a glimpse of his strength was given to the fans when he took on two perfect Jinchūriki without any trouble whatsoever. Known as the Sage of Six Paths, Hagoromo Otsutsuki is a godly figure whose strength is largely considered to be unmatched. Although his full power was never demonstrated to the fans, he was strong enough to fight Kaguya Otsutsuki when he wasn’t even in his prime. Hashirama Senju, also known as the God of Shinobi, was the First Hokage and the founder of Konohagakure. His skills as a shinobi were known to be unmatched during his era, but both by the end of the Naruto series, several characters had already surpassed him in terms of power, Sasuke being one of them.

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How do you get Rinnegan?

Acquisition – The Rinnegan was first manifested by Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki in the Shinobi World, derived from the Rinne Sharingan wielded by his mother, It is suggested his Rinnegan was a kekkei mōra, and with it, he saved the world from the Ten-Tails and created ninshū, the precursor to modern ninjutsu,

  • In the anime, after experiencing the trauma of loss, Hagoromo awakened his Mangekyō Sharingan which almost instantaneously progressed to become Rinnegan.
  • For his contributions to the world, Hagoromo became revered as the Sage of Six Paths, and both he and his eyes rose to mythological status over the centuries that followed; even when the Rinnegan was later proven to exist, it was regarded by some as merely a mutation.

The Rinnegan can typically be awakened by gaining Hagoromo’s chakra either by reproducing it from combining the chakra of Hagoromo’s sons, Indra and Asura, or by directly receiving chakra from Hagoromo himself. Black Zetsu spent centuries attempting to manipulate the reincarnations of Indra and Asura into awakening the Rinnegan.

  1. It was not until the time of Madara Uchiha – Indra’s reincarnation – that this was successful, when Madara infused himself with the DNA of Hashirama Senju – Asura’s reincarnation.
  2. However, Madara’s Sharingan did not become Rinnegan until decades later, at the end of his natural lifespan; this also seemingly restored the eyesight lost from his use of Izanagi,

When Kabuto Yakushi reincarnated Madara, he operated under a similar hypothesis that Sharingan can be evolved into Rinnegan through combination with Hashirama’s DNA. To that end he successfully recreated the Rinnegan in Madara’s reincarnated body, though these fake eyes did not have full access to the original’s abilities. Sasuke’s Rinnegan. Sasuke Uchiha ‘s left Sharingan became a Rinnegan when Hagoromo’s spirit gave half of his chakra to Sasuke. His Rinnegan contains six tomoe split between its first two ripples and retains all of the abilities of his Mangekyō Sharingan,

Momoshiki’s Rinnegan.

Contrary to Madara and Sasuke’s cases in needing Hagoromo’s chakra, Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki has Rinnegan in the palms of his hands. Initially, his Rinnegan are red, but they become purple (in the movie), or yellow (in the manga) after he absorbs Kinshiki,

This also grants him a third Rinnegan on his forehead. As with any dōjutsu, the Rinnegan can be transplanted into others. Prior to his death, Madara implanted both of his eyes into the young Nagato without the boy’s knowledge, and he was able to make effective use of the Rinnegan throughout his life due to his Senju lineage,

After Nagato’s death, the Rinnegan were taken by Obito Uchiha, who implanted the left eye into himself and hid the other because he could not handle the power of both eyes at once. Madara later reclaimed both of his Rinnegan after he was revived and ultimately died with them.

Is Nagato the weakest Rinnegan user?

Nagato’s Strongest Rinnegan Ability – Nagato Uzumaki was a skilled user of the Rinnegan, In fact, his mastery of it was second only to Madara Uchiha. His biggest strength was likely controlling all six bodies of Pain at once effortlessly. However, when he was reanimated in the Fourth Great Ninja War using Edo Tensei, he showed incredible usage of the Six Paths Abilities at once.

He could even pull out the souls of both Naruto and Killer Bee at the same time, despite both being Perfect Jinchuriki. If it wasn’t for Itachi, both of them would have died already, which gives fans the idea that controlling the Six Paths at once was his strongest Rinnegan ability. Nagato could also perform the Rinne Rebirth at a greater scale than anyone else.

Usually, a character is only able to bring back one person at the cost of their lives, however, Nagato managed to bring back countless in Konoha. What’s even more surprising is that Konan hinted that had not drained his chakra reserves and had his health not been in such a bad condition, he could have survived even after pulling off that magnanimous feat.

Is Nagato the weakest Akatsuki?

2. Nagato Uzumaki – Image Courtesy – Naruto by Pierrot Animation Studios (Fandom)

Debut: Shippuden Episode 128, Manga Chapter 372 Kekkei Genkai: Rinnegan Nature type: Fire Release, Wind Release, Lightning Release, Earth Release, Water Release, and Yang Release Ninja Classification: S-rank

Prior to his parent’s demise in the Third Shinobi World War, Nagato lived in peace in his native Amegakure. His Rinnegan (implanted by Madara) was awakened as a result of his parent’s death. His best friend Yahiko sacrificed his life during their battle for peace.

  • Following a string of sad incidents, Nagato (a descendant of the Uzumaki clan ) further descended into darkness and took the moniker Pain in order to cause devastation around the world by forming Akatsuki 2.0 (which we saw in the anime series) together with Konan, Tobi, and others.
  • He decided to put an end to the hostility and violence between nations by becoming the leader of Akatsuki and bringing genuine peace all over the world.

Being the founder and the person who destroyed the entire Hidden Leaf village, Nagato was one of the strongest members of the Akatsuki. Nagato had enormous chakra reserves and was regarded as a brilliant sensor-type ninja because of his aptitude for sensing chakra.

  1. He was a master in Ninjutsu, and his Rinnegan also significantly boosted his power.
  2. He accomplished a variety of things that one can only dream of, thanks to the Six Paths of Pain he created, making him the most fearsome opponent we ever saw.
  3. During the Fourth Shinobi War, Kabuto praised him as the second-strongest shinobi to be resurrected after Madara himself.

Nagato later turned into a good guy and entrusted his quest for peace to Naruto.

Why did Nagato Uzumaki turn evil?

2) Nagato – Nagato (Image via Masashi Kishimoto/Shueisha, Viz, Naruto) Nagato saw the ill effects of war and hated it because his parents were killed. They were humanitarians that tended to the wounded shinobis. He is the founder of the Akatsuki and the reason why he started it was because he wanted to achieve world peace.

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Why can’t Sasuke use his Rinnegan?

Sasuke’s sudden sensing of Momoshiki presence in Boruto does not necessarily mean that his all-powerful Rinnegan abilities from Naruto have returned. Warning: SPOLIERS for Boruto #73! While it may have come as a surprise that Sasuke was able to sense the presence of Momoshiki without the Rinnegan, for one segment of Boruto fandom, Sasuke doesn’t need his eyes to access its power which proves a big Naruto fan theory.

Originally manifested in Hagoromo Otsutsuki, Naruto’s powerful S age of Six Paths, the Rinnegan is arguably the most powerful ability in the Naruto – Boruto universe. Rinnegan is a form of dojutsu, a genetic special power that operates through a user’s eyes. Only a few people have awoken the Rinnegan.

All these users are genetically linked to Hagoromo in some way. In addition to the basic superpowers the Rinnegan creates, a number of specific powers may develop, that are unique to the individual users. In Sasuke’s case, one of these unique traits is the ability to sense or “see” the chakra energy of beings who cross between dimensions, such as Momoshiki and members of Naruto’s Otsutsuki Clan,

Sasuke’s combination of the Rinnegan and Sharingan, made him one of the strongest ninjas of the Five Nations. In Boruto Chapter 53, Sasuke seemingly lost his Rinnegan when a Boruto possessed by Momoshiki stabs him in the eye that the Rinnegan manifested in. Since his eye was damaged, the popular assumption has been that Sasuke lost his ability to use Rinnegan.

However, in the last pages of Borutu Chapter 73, a panel clearly shows a flashback of Sasuke’s Rinnegan telling him of Momoshiki’s presence. This suggests, that Sasuke can still sense Momohiki’s presence in Boruto, Being that Momoshiki just appeared and spoke to Boruto in the previous chapter, it makes sense that a Sasuke with Rinnegan could sense him, just as Kawaki did. According to the theory, without chakra, the Rinnegan would not be able to exist. Rinnegan is the result of the combination of chakra and a particular genetic element descendant from Hagoromo, which was likely created through the combination of the DNA of his mother, Naruto villain Kaguya Otsutsuki, and his father, a human.

Almost every ninja who awakens a dojutsu does so via a specific stressful event whereby the chakra combines with the specific ocular genes that allow for the use of eye technique. Prior to the awakening, the chakra energy that unleashes the power is present in the user’s body. Accordingly, if the eye is injured, as with Sasuke, while the eye may no longer be used, the chakra energy is still there.

Moreover, having already been used via the eye’s Rinnegan, the chakra probably retains some residual abilities of the Rinnegan that would not actually need an eye to operate, such as the sensation of other energy forces. This ability has already been witnessed in the story.

In Chapters 657-658 of Naruto, a reincarnated Madara was able to access aspects of Rinnegan even without possessing workable eyes. While this might not be possible for an individual less powerful than Madara, Sasuke is clearly as powerful, if not more so than Naruto’s god-tier ninja like Madara, Despite rumors that the fandom had just witnessed a retcon, Sasuke’s sudden access to its powers is nothing out of the ordinary in Boruto,

It is a power that he never lost but needed a catalyst to revive it. That catalyst was Momoshiki’s sudden appearance near Sasuke. Even without an eye with Rinnegan like he had in Naruto, Sasuke is still able to access some of its abilities, especially an ability as basic as sensation.

Why can t Naruto use Rinnegan?

Why hasn’t Naruto awakened the Rinnegan? Gaiden012 wrote: If he has the Sage of Six Paths chakra/power, descendant of Senju and the reincarnation of Asura, how come he doesn’t have the Rinnegan? Naruto isn’t a Uchiha so he wouldn’t have gotten the Rinnegan anyway. His body isn’t naturally capable of generating that eye. As opposed to that of the Uchiha. WindStar7125 wrote: Well, Sasuke didn’t get Asura’s chakra and got the Rinnegan anyway. To my knowledge, the process is Asura + Indra’s chakra => Hagoromo’s chakra => Rinnegan. Or in Sasuke’s case, just Hagoromo’s chakra. From observing Sasuke and Madara, Naruto not getting the Rinnegan could be because he lacks the Sharingan. But then again, there’s no confirmation of Hagoromo having the Sharingan either (though possible). It’s another thing Kishi decides to keep unanswered. Sasuke received Ashura’s chakra from Hashirama and the other from Hagoromo himself. And even if it was from Hagoromo by himself, it’s more than enough. Vladosaurus wrote: That’s not true. You don’t need to be an Uchiha to awaken the rinnegan. The rinnegan is NOT an evolution of the sharingan. For one to awaken the rinnegan, he needs to posses both Indra’s and Asura’s chakra. It doesn’t matter what kind of eyes you have.Even somebody like Shikamaru would theoretically awaken the rinnegan if he would receive somehow both Indra and Asura’s chakra. Lmfao no, you need to be an Uchiha, or an Otsutsuki to bear/possess the rinnegan. No other bloodlines can awaken the Rinnegan. The eyes are too overwhelming.Why do you think Obito specifically said that he could only handle one of the Rinnegan? : Why hasn’t Naruto awakened the Rinnegan?

Can Pain turn off Rinnegan?

Yes, the Rinnegan can be turned off or switched. Madara showcased that ability in the anime and manga, while being a Edo Tensei and alive being the Jinchūriki of Jūbi.

What are the 6 paths in Naruto?

The Six Paths Powers – The Six Paths powers are special abilities in the Naruto world that pertain to the chakra of Hagoromo Otsutsuki in one way or another, and can be attained in a number of ways. The very first reveal of this power came with Nagato Uzumaki, who was a wielder of the Rinnegan.

Being a power that belonged to the Sage of Six Paths, the Rinnegan is considered to be a part of the Six Paths Powers. The Rinnegan also offers its user the ability to use the Six Paths Powers which can be divided into the Animal Path, Preta Path, Deva Path, Asura Path, Human Path, and Naraka Path, each with a distinct and godly ability.

On top of these powers, a seventh ability, called the Outer Path is also available to all users of this eye. The Outer Path allows people to rule over life and death itself, making it a godly ability. The Rinnegan is certainly not the only way to attain Six Paths Powers.

Can Sasuke use Six Paths of Pain?

But to answer your question, the 6 paths of Pein are specific to the rinnegan, and Sasuke has access to all of them even if he does not make full use/any use of some of them.

Is Yahiko Six Paths of Pain?

Deva Path – The Deva Path’s vessel is the only one that was immediately recognized by fans, as this body belonged to Yahiko, one of Jiraiya’s students and Nagato’s companion. Yahiko needs no introduction as fans are quite thoroughly acquainted with this character’s entire backstory in the Hidden Rain Village,