A Cure For All Diseases One Word


A Cure For All Diseases One Word
Panacea Panacea : The word ‘panacea’ means a remedy for all the ills, an answer or a solution to all the difficulties.

What is a synonym for panacea?

synonyms for panacea –

elixir catholicon cure nostrum relief remedy patent medicine

On this page you’ll find 22 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to panacea, such as: elixir, catholicon, cure, nostrum, relief, and remedy.

Is a panacea a cure all?

The Greek word pan means ‘all’ (think of a panorama, a view where you can see everywhere). The Greek word for ‘cure’ is akēs (which looks like the word ‘aches’). Those are the roots of panacea, a cure for all aches. But a panacea doesn’t really cure everything; it just acts like it can.

What is a antonym for panacea?

Detailed Solution The synonyms of the word ‘Panacea’ are ‘remedy, cure, elixir’. The antonyms of the word ‘Panacea’ are ‘ aggravate, worsen, spoil ‘.

What is a fix all solution?

Fix-All Fixatives

Fix-All is a tissue fixative containing alcohol, barium chloride and 10% formalin. It is recommended for fixation of all types of tissues, including biopsies, and is particularly good for fixing dense and fatty tissues, Routine, special and immunohistochemical procedures yield excellent results. Fix-All is tinted a light yellow (color). Fix-All can be readily substituted for B-5 fixative.

Available in 1 gallon (3.8 L), 4 x 1 gallon cases, 100 x 20 ml prefilled jars or 50 x 60 ml pre-filled jars. : Fix-All Fixatives