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Cure Skin App

What is similar to the CureSkin app?

CureSkin’s competitors and similar companies include Boltt Sports Technologies, Plus100years, AyuRythm and Piction Health. CureSkin (also known as Heallo Online Health) is a company developing an AI-based application with a dermatologist-curated program.

Are there apps to detect skin type?

AI-Dermatologist is an innovative app helping you monitor your skin health and detect any unusual or alerting skin conditions. We all want to have healthy and clear skin, and in order to achieve this result, it is necessary to make an effort and try different skin care methods.

We may need a rash identifier, a mole checker, a skin analyzer, or an acne scanner, depending on the problem. The AI-Dermatologist app combines all these functions. We have designed this modern skin analyzer so that by using it on a regular basis, if you suspect a problem, you can contact your healthcare providers in time and avoid complications.

Based on today’s most advanced Artificial intelligence technologies and professional knowledge and expertise in dermatology, our application enables you to check all your skin problems for risk assessment: spots, birthmarks, acne, moles or papillomas.

  • In 1 minute AI-Dermatologist gives a result on the next step to be taken.
  • Likewise, AI-Dermatologist gives you the opportunity to store photos to keep track of changes over time and monitor your skin health in the long run.
  • By creating AI-Dermatologist, we supported the idea of making skin screening and monitoring accessible to everyone.

With AI-Dermatologist you can: – Snapshot your skin spots, birth-marks, mole or another skin diseases such as: angeoma, warts, papillomas, mollusks and etc. – Take / upload photos and track results for changes – Easily log the tracked your skin conditions locations on your body – Get a reminder when it is time to take a new photo – Track dynamics of baseline and follow-up results Please note that AI-Dermatologist is not a diagnostic tool and does not replace or cancel a visit to your doctor.

This application aims to help you be more aware of your skin condition via self-exams, but it is not an online dermatology platform. If you ever feel uncomfortable or see that your skin spot is changing, irritated, itchy or bleeding, we strongly recommend that you contact a medical specialist without hesitation to avoid the risk of melanoma or other skin diseases.

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Are CureSkin products real or fake?

Reason 1. CureSkin Products are Clinically Tested – ✔ Yes, CureSkin products are clinically studied, tested and proven safe. ✔CureSkin products have ingredients that cause no side effects as long as you follow the instructions given to you by your Dermatologist.

Which country is CureSkin?

Where is CureSkin ‘s headquarters? CureSkin is located in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.

Who is the founder of CureSkin?

CureSkin – JSW Ventures CureSkin is an artificial intelligence-driven platform for the detection and care of skin conditions. The company uses its AI technology to analyse users’ skin conditions with high accuracy and recommends a personalized treatment kit and care plan.

  1. They also help users maintain their skin through a strong outcome-oriented approach.
  2. In India, the penetration of dermatologists is very low with high concentration in top metro cities.
  3. According to the Indian Association of Dermatologists, Venereologists and Leprologists (IADVL), the largest representative society of Indian Dermatologists, there is one registered dermatologist for over 1,00,000 people in India.

With the lack of qualified opinion and prescription-based medication, chemists act as a proxy resulting in major challenges related to damaged skin while creating an environment of distrust. CureSkin is addressing these concerns by offering expert-designed personalized regimens through its technology platform.

What is the price of CureSkin cleansing gel?

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Price ₹390.00 ₹387.00
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Sold By CureSkin CureSkin
Value for money 4.5
Scent 4.3

Is there a free app to identify skin problems?

From VisualDx, Aysa is the easy-to-use app to get personalized answers to your skin condition questions. Aysa helps you screen your skin symptoms and prepare for your practitioner visit. Key Features and Privacy: · Symptom Checker: Use the phone’s camera to take a picture of your skin concern & Aysa quickly finds symptom matches to provide personalized, helpful information about the symptoms, all while protecting your privacy.

  • · Symptom Content and Images: Symptom content and images to help improve user awareness about them.
  • · Equity in care: Image library has representation of all skin types, including the leading skin of color image collection.
  • · Privacy: Aysa protects your privacy by encrypting your image as it is sent to our machine learning model and discarding it immediately after analysis.
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About VisualDx and Aysa: Your skin is unique; skin conditions can look different from person to person. Aysa is built on the resources of VisualDx, the award-winning clinical decision support software focused on equity in medicine for over 20 years. Its curated library of more than 120,000 medical images includes every skin color and type, and what each of 200 skin conditions can look like at every stage.

The workflow even allows you to select skin color, ensuring the best information and images possible. Aysa knowledge and recommendations are based on best available evidence ordered according to standard industry protocols, interpreted by expert opinion. Best available evidence is evaluated by source type, statistical validity, and clinical suitability.

Content includes materials adapted from leading textbooks, literature review articles, PubMed, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), and Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA). Leading content sources are reviewed, as is medical literature in general, with ongoing targeted searches in MEDLINE and PubMed.

  • Editorial contributors and staff follow a protocol from most to least evidence: from meta-analyses and systematic reviews of randomized controlled clinical trials to cohort studies to case-control studies to case series to individual expert opinions.
  • More Info: Terms of Use: Privacy Policy can be found here: The support URL can be found here: In this update, we’ve focused on resolving issues to enhance your overall app experience.

Here’s what’s changed: – Bug Fix: Addressed an issue where users with iPhone 14 were unable to focus the camera to capture photos within the app. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and have rectified this pro blem. – Improved Compatibility: Our camera module now provides better support for the latest iPhone models, ensuring seamless functionality and optimized performance.

Is Yuka accurate?

Is The App Reliable? – While the app does its best to empower consumers and remain financially independent, it’s not the end-all-be-all when it comes to rating products. Health and industry professionals have varying opinions about the app and its rankings.

Andy Miller who is an experienced registered dietician created a TikTok to share her misgivings about the Yuka app. Miller was critical of the science being used to form analysis and ratings. She also believed that ranking food as either “good” or “bad” was problematic in terms of body image. Furthermore, when suggesting alternative recommendations for a low-ranking product, Yuka did not factor in price or quantity.

Other users have commented on discrepancies between app ratings and professional opinions from a trusted physician. For example, products that professional dermatologists have recommended for patients’ skin have received a low rating in the app. Again, as consumers, we are left confused and frustrated. Take the Yuka app with a grain of salt! Is Yuka accurate? Not always. While it doesn’t have all the answers, it does get consumers thinking about the ingredients being used in the products they buy. The purpose of the Yuka App is to help us better understand labels, increase informed purchasing, and ultimately promote healthier product choices.

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What is the best tool to analyze the skin?

The VISIA skin analysis machine can detect 8+ skin concerns, such as spots, wrinkles, texture, and pores. To use it, customers first adjust their head into the machine, which then captures multiple views of the face. This allows for a full analysis of the skin’s condition.

Can I cancel my order in Cureskin?

Cancellation and Refund Policy – In exceptional cases, if you believe that you are not satisfied by the consultation or that certain terms are violated, you can discuss that in the chat window inside your app or email [email protected]. Whether a refund is provided is solely based on the company’s discretion. All such grievances and refund requests must be submitted within 7 days of the payment.

How do I return Cureskin products? Returns by Mail –

Fill out both sides of the Return Form attached to the Order Summary and include the Return Form with your items(s). Include your name, e-mail address, and phone numbers so that we can contact you, if necessary. Package your return item in the manufacturer’s product box and Cure Natural Skin Care packaging (if available). Otherwise, pack your return in a well-padded envelope or box to prevent damage in transit. Mail your return via United States Postal Service (USPS) using the pre-paid Merchandise Return Label. You will receive an email confirmation when your return is processed.

Which country is CureSkin?

Where is CureSkin ‘s headquarters? CureSkin is located in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.