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Is Teresa bad in Maze Runner?

Type of Villain Teresa betraying Thomas and his friends by alerting WCKD of their location. Please don’t fight them, Thomas! Teresa Agnes is the anti-heroic deuteragonist of The Maze Runner trilogy. She serves as the deuteragonist of The Maze Runner and The Scorch Trials and the central antagonist of The Death Cure.

Who is not immune in Maze Runner?

Characters –

Thomas (Named after Thomas Edison) : The main protagonist of the series. He is a teenage boy who was a Runner of Group A (the Gladers) before escaping the Maze with his fellow Gladers in The Maze Runner, He continued this by crossing the Scorch in The Scorch Trials, in which he was continuously manipulated by almost everyone, making it hard for him to trust other people again. Thomas escapes from having his memories restored in WICKED’s headquarters and becomes entangled in the conflict between WICKED and the Right Arm – a rebel organization that opposes it. During the events in The Death Cure he loses several friends, including Newt, one of his best friends. Teresa (Named after Mother Teresa) : A friend of Thomas. The only female Glader of Group A. In The Scorch Trials she betrays Thomas on WICKED’s orders, causing him to distrust her. She volunteers for her memories to be restored and moves with the other Gladers to Denver. She eventually turns against WICKED. She dies after saving Thomas from being crushed by falling debris. Newt (Named after Isaac Newton) : Newt goes through the most out of all the other characters. He took upon the role of the leader of Group A after their previous leader, Alby, died in The Maze Runner, He is Thomas’ closest companion, alongside Minho. The book reveals that Newt is not immune to the Flare virus and is slowly succumbing to its influence. Eventually, he begs his best friend, Thomas, to save him from the virus inside him via euthanasia, which Thomas does. Minho : A Glader, and the former Keeper of the Runners of Group A. He was Thomas’ fellow Runner back in the Glade and throughout the series becomes one of Thomas’ best friends throughout their Trials, joining him to escape WICKED’s attempt to restore their memories and save the Immunes from the Maze. Brenda : A Canadian girl, was part of a group of rebels in The Scorch Trials before being separated and having to navigate her way through the Scorch. She shares a mutual attraction with Thomas. Jorge : The leader of a group of rebels the Gladers met in The Scorch Trials, He has a close relationship with Brenda. Brenda described their relationship as Jorge being “like an uncle” to her. He was revealed to be working for WICKED but helps Thomas, Minho, and Newt escape from WICKED’s headquarters and remove their chips. Aris (Named after Aristotle) : The only male member of Group B. He met Thomas in The Scorch Trials, Aris, Thomas, and Teresa are close friends in The Scorch Trials, Janson (Rat Man) : The Assistant Director of WICKED and the book’s main antagonist, He is succumbing to the Flare virus, which explains his desperation for a cure. He arranges for the Group A and Group B survivors’ memories to be restored, but wants to make them go through the Trials again. Eventually, Thomas kills him by strangling him, after Janson and other WICKED members try to recapture the surviving Immunes. Gally (Named after Galileo) : A Glader of Group A who strictly followed the rules of the Glade and thus became Thomas’ adversary in The Maze Runner, He indirectly caused Chuck’s death when Chuck intercepted a knife Gally had thrown at Thomas. In this book, he reunites with Thomas and reveals he has been working with the Right Arm, an organization determined to stop WICKED. However, after discovering the Right Arm’s true purpose, he left with Thomas and the Gladers to rescue the Immunes in the Maze. Vince : The leader of the Right Arm, an organization opposed to WICKED. He is Gally’s boss. He recruits Thomas to infiltrate the WICKED headquarters and plant a device inside that disables the WICKED’s weapons, and then leads the Right Arm’s invasion of WICKED. He is strictly dedicated to his cause and brands Thomas and Gally traitors when they attempt to save hundreds of Immunes hidden in the Maze, which is about to be destroyed by the Right Arm. Lawrence : Vince’s assistant, who captures Thomas, Minho, Brenda, and Jorge and delivers them to a safe house. After their demands to see “the boss” Lawrence took them to Vince. He later drops off Thomas near the WICKED headquarters for his plan to plant the explosive device. Hans : A former WICKED scientist whom Thomas, Minho, Brenda, and Jorge, meet in Denver to help remove the chips from Thomas and Minho. Ava Paige : The Chancellor of WICKED and the person responsible for managing and organizing the search for a cure of the Flare, including sending teenagers into the Maze to study the minds of Immunes. However, she disagreed with the consequence that the teenagers were being killed. Her character serves as the omniscient voice in the books’ Epilogues. She was never seen in the series, but every Epilogue of the three books in the main series, plus The Fever Code, includes an email she writes to her associates. She states a cure for the Flare virus will never be found, that the Immunes are humanity’s last hope to restore the dying world, and that WICKED’s actions of sending them for Trials are threatening that hope. She serves as an ex-machina in the narrative, saving Thomas from a fatal brain experiment at the last minute after he was sedated; She instigates and secretly orchestrates his rescue of hundreds of Immunes from the attack on the Maze. She also promises and delivers a paradisaical safe haven for the Immunes.

Who was actually immune in Maze Runner?

The Death Cure — “The Maze Runner” Series Instead of being given the cure for the deadly Flare disease as he’d been promised after surviving the Scorch, Thomas is separated from his friends and kept in isolation for three weeks. Alone with his thoughts and his anger, Thomas is surprised that only the fact that WICKED (World in Catastrophe: Killzone Experiment Department) won’t let him bathe is what’s driving him crazy.

  • Finally, “Rat Man” enters the cell and explains everything to him.
  • Rat Man, so nicknamed by Thomas because of his rodent-like features, had been the man to inform Thomas and the other Gladers about the Scorch.
  • Now, he hopes to convince Thomas to continue to work with WICKED to find a cure for the Flare.

The disease eats away the minds of the afflicted until they turn into Cranks, zombie-like creatures that roam cities killing people until they’re killed themselves. Fortunately for Thomas, he and most of his friends are Munies — immune to the Flare. That’s why they’ve been put through the Maze and the Scorch trials.

The disease works by eating away areas of the brain. It’s hoped that by monitoring the Munies in various stress and decision-making scenarios, scientists can map out a blueprint of their minds and figure out a way to cure those infected. Thomas is released from isolation and reunited with his friends — Minho, Newt, Frypan and others from the Maze and the Scorch.

When he meets up with Teresa again, he can’t help the feelings of distrust that creep into his mind. His closest friend had done nothing but hurt and betray him throughout the Scorch. Her constant assurance that she was only doing what the old Thomas would have wanted her to do, does nothing to help his emotions.

All of his memories had been wiped away before he entered the Maze, as they were for all the Gladers. The few memories that have managed to re-emerge do not support Teresa’s claims that WICKED is good. Rat Man interrupts their reunion to inform them that they will now be given all their memories back.

Of course, the procedure requires them to allow WICKED to put a probe into their brains to remove the device. Rat Man also tells them the names of those who aren’t immune from the Flare. Thomas is saddened to hear Newt’s name among those infected. Sometime later, Newt gives Thomas a note and tells him not to read it yet.

He will know the right time. Thomas, Minho and Newt refuse to undergo the operation, but Rat Man eventually tries to force them. Thomas is dragged into the operating room and sees Brenda, a girl he formed an attachment to in the Scorch. Brenda helps him and the others escape. They scour the WICKED compound for their friends, but Teresa and the others have escaped without them.

Thomas again feels the sting of betrayal. Brenda leads Thomas, Minho and Newt to Jorge — another friend from the Scorch. After a battle with armed guards, Jorge manages to fly them out of the area in a Berg, which is an airship. Brenda warns them that until they get the devices out of their brains, WICKED can still, if they get close enough, manipulate them.

She tells them of a man named Hans who can remove the devices. The group decides to fly to Denver to find him. Denver is one of the few cities left that has not been overrun by the Flare. Uninfected people can still lead fairly normal lives, but everyone is monitored closely to keep an outbreak from occurring.

When they arrive, Newt insists on staying aboard the Berg while the others hunt for Hans. Thomas and Minho have never seen so many people in one area. A stranger approaches Thomas and his friends. He informs them that they are suspected of having escaped from WICKED and that they should follow his advice.

  • He gives Thomas a note.
  • It’s an address and is signed by Gally.
  • Gally and Thomas were enemies in the Maze, and it was Gally, who under the control of WICKED, killed Thomas’ best friend, Chuck.
  • Thomas thought he had beaten Gally to death, but Brenda assures him he didn’t.
  • She doesn’t believe the note could be from Gally, however, because the boy went crazy with guilt when he realized what WICKED had manipulated him to do.

Gally’s note says that he’s now a member of the Right Arm. Brenda and Jorge explain it’s a renegade group intent on bringing down WICKED. Against everyone else’s advice, Thomas insists they find Gally before finding Hans. Gally tells them that people from the Right Arm contacted him while he was recovering from the Maze.

They said he could get out of the WICKED compound if he pretended to be crazy, so he did. The Right Arm then took him into protective custody. Gally informs Thomas’ group that Denver is rife with infected people, but they are government officials and can mask the effects with an expensive drug called Bliss.

Also, Munies are disappearing. The Right Arm suspects they are being kidnapped by WICKED so they can start a whole new set of trials to try to find the cure. The Right Arm wants Thomas and his friends to help them fight WICKED. They agree, but it will have to wait until they find Hans.

The following day they meet with Hans, but when the old man prepares to take the device out of Thomas’ brain, WICKED takes control, throwing Thomas’ body into convulsions. Thomas is forced to pick up a knife and threaten his friends. After an intense fight, the others are able to sedate him, and the implant is removed.

Later, as Thomas and his friends get something to eat in a coffee shop, an infected man is arrested. Brenda and the others manage to escape before the authorities arrive, but Thomas is caught. When it’s discovered he’s a Munie, they decide to sell him to the people collecting Munies.

  1. Thomas is rescued when a motorized and armed cop vehicle opens fire on his captor.
  2. A voice from within the car tells him to get in.
  3. Thomas is shocked to see an image of Rat Man on a screen in the car.
  4. He informs Thomas that he is the last hope for humankind.
  5. WICKED desperately needs him to return to the main compound to finish creating the protocol that may cure the Flare.

Rat Man also tells him that Newt is succumbing to the disease at an alarming rate and will be insane very soon. Rat Man lets Thomas go, hoping he’ll return to WICKED on his own accord. When Thomas and the others return to the Berg, they discover that Newt is missing.

A note informs them that he’s been taken to live with the other Cranks in the city. Minho insists they have to rescue their friend before they join the Right Arm. Brenda explains that Newt has probably been taken to the Crank Palace. It’s an isolated town where the newly infected are sent to live while they are still rational.

Thomas and his friends find the Crank Palace and bribe the guards to take them to Newt. They find their friend living in a dilapidated bowling alley. Newt refuses to leave with them, eventually pulling a weapon on them and threatening to use it if they don’t leave.

  • He knows he’s a lost cause.
  • The Flare is ravaging his brain, and he has little control over his actions.
  • As they solemnly make their way back to the Berg without him, guards run up behind them and warn them to flee.
  • The Cranks have gone insane and are launching a revolt.
  • Thomas and his friends reach the Berg and return to Denver.

Thomas remembers the sealed letter Newt had given him back at WICKED. He reads it. The note begs Thomas to kill him when he knows the Flare has consumed his mind. Thomas regrets that he failed his friend’s last request. When they arrive back in the city, armed guards greet them.

Thomas and his companions are taken to a holding area where they meet up with many of their old friends, including Teresa. She tries to convince Thomas that she and the other group from WICKED were told that he’d escaped with Minho and Newt. She’d tried to find him but couldn’t. Teresa tells Thomas that WICKED has been rounding up all the Munies they can find to start another series of trials.

Thomas still doesn’t trust her, but they agree to work together to escape. They overpower guards sent to bring them food. One guard explains that they’re not working for WICKED but for the Right Arm. Thomas and Brenda force him to take them to the resistance headquarters.

  • They have to fight through an army of Cranks to get there, but they finally meet with Vince, the leader.
  • He explains that he wants the Munies to help them break into and take down WICKED.
  • Thomas and Brenda agree to help.
  • Thomas will be dropped off first and will place a device that can disable WICKED’s weapons.

On his way to the Berg that will take him to WICKED, Thomas’ van again runs into Cranks. Thomas recognizes Newt. He insists on talking to his friend. Newt isn’t happy to see Thomas. He begs Thomas to kill him. Finally, out of horror and pity, Thomas shoots him.

He refuses to tell any of his friends about the incident. Thomas is dropped off in a forest just outside of WICKED headquarters. Rat Man welcomes him back. Thomas pretends to have to use the restroom so he can plant the weapon-disabling device. He is then introduced to a surgeon and a psychiatrist. WICKED feels the only way to get the last information they need to create a cure is to dissect Thomas’ brain while he’s still alive.

The procedure, of course, will kill him, but his sacrifice will save the human race. His agreement is no longer an option. They will do the operation whether he wants it or not. They give him a few minutes alone to write notes to be delivered to his friends.

Thomas hopes the Right Arm will arrive in time, but they don’t. He is forced into an operating room as the first wave of the resistance force arrives. He is drugged and passes out. When Thomas wakes, he finds he’s alone. A letter from Chancellor Paige, the leader of WICKED, explains that she feels Thomas and the other Munies have suffered enough and have done all they can.

She says that she saved him from surgery because WICKED has enough patterns and can figure out a cure from them. She leaves him a map that shows the location of other captive Munies and a secret exit. The exit is a Flat Trans, which will transport them to safety.

  1. Thomas learns that the Right Arm plans to blow up the WICKED building without getting the captive Munies out.
  2. He finds his friends, and Gally joins them.
  3. They head back into the Maze, where the Munies are being kept.
  4. Thomas is shocked to find that the Munies vary in age from children to adults.
  5. Thomas organizes them, but the Right Arm begins to detonate their explosives.
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The building begins to disintegrate around them. WICKED sends Grievers — half-machine, half-animal creatures — to stop them, but Thomas and Teresa destroy them. About 200 Munies survive and make it to the Flat Trans, but they’re still not safe. As many leave through the Flat Trans, Rat Man and several WICKED soldiers arrive to stop them.

  • Thomas and his friends fight them as other Munies continue to transport to safety.
  • In a rage, Thomas beats Rat Man to the ground and strangles him.
  • His friends kill the guards as well.
  • As they run toward the Flat Trans, more explosions rock the building.
  • A piece of the ceiling plummets toward Thomas, but Teresa pushes him out of the way.

The rubble crushes her, and she dies. Minho and Brenda drag Thomas through the Flat Trans toward safety. Then Brenda destroys the Flat Trans so no one can follow them. Thomas marvels at the natural beauty of their new home. He and Brenda contemplate their new life as the sun sets.

  1. In a memorandum to her associates, Chancellor Paige explains how WICKED always acted for good, but she realized that their plans had not always been the best.
  2. She explains that though WICKED’s initial plan to find a cure has failed, they still succeeded in saving humankind by sending the immune to a place of safety where they can live while the rest of humankind destroys itself.

: The Death Cure — “The Maze Runner” Series

Is Brenda immune to the flare?

Differences From The Book: – As I have said above, the changes in The Scorch Trials meant that this final instalment was going to be very different from the beginning. Firstly, the Gladers are all told in The Scorch Trials book that they are infected and are sent out into The Scorch to search for the cure.

The Scorch Trial film ends with the Gladers already working with TRA, when Minho is captured by WCKD during their ambush of TRA’s camp. With only Thomas, Newt, and Frypan surviving from Group A, Thomas convinces them that their next step should be to infiltrate WCKD to rescue Minho and terminate Ava. And that’s where The Death Cure film follows on from, as they ambush a train owned by WCKD to rescue Minho and the others Immunes onboard. The Scorch Trial book, however, ends with Thomas being separated from his friends after trying to find the cure, when he is imprisoned in a white room. The Death Cure book picks up from this when, 26 days later, Thomas is finally freed. In the book, each of the remaining Gladers have been separately imprisoned in a room as Phase 3 of their trials (with Phase 2 being their journey through The Scorch). The film doesn’t go into detail about any further phases after the maze, and they don’t find themselves back under the control of WCKD since they aren’t recaptured at the end of The Scorch Trials, In the film, it is only Minho who has been captured. In the film, Thomas and TRA are hiding out at some kind of old port that is full of shipwrecks. This location isn’t in the book. In the book, Janson tells Thomas that he still has the Flare (although he was promised a cure at the end of Book 2) but that his test is almost complete. He later confirms that Thomas is immune. In the film, the Gladers aren’t told that they have the Flare or made to find the cure, and Thomas confirms what we already assumed, that they are all immune. In the book, Janson tells Thomas all about how they are analyzing their brain patterns to make a blueprint to find a cure for the Flare. In the film, we see WCKD put Minho through a series of tests and them making a serum from his brain patterns. It is kind of explained, but not as well as it is in the book. In the film, Minho sees the Maze and a Griever attacks him in his visions. Since he hasn’t been taken by WCKD in the book, these visions don’t happen. In the book, Thomas is reunited with the other Gladers and is told that WCKD are going to remove “The Swipe”, which will give them their memories back. There is no mention of this in the film and nobody appears to miss their memories. Removing The Swipe also means that Thomas will lose his telepathic communication with Teresa, but they didn’t do this any of the films. Teresa only has a small role in the book but she keeps emphasising the WCKD is good. In the film, she is working for WCKD after betraying everybody at the end of the second film. In the film, we see Teresa working a lot with Ava Paige. In the book, we don’t see Ava. She is present in the end, but there are no interactions with her. In the book, Newt begins getting angry with Janson which is when we first see start to see that something is wrong with him. We then find out that he is one of the few who isn’t immune to the Flare. In the film, he figures this out by himself since he has a black rash all up his arm. He first gets angry with Thomas and then finally tells him that he is infected. In the book, Newt gives Thomas a note and tells him to read it “when the time is right.” In the film, it isn’t until Newt dies when he gives Thomas a pendant that he later realises has a note hidden inside of it. In the book, this is the first time that Janson tells the Gladers his name, as they just refer to him as Rat Man before this. In the film, he is only known as Janson. In the book, Thomas has many more flashbacks to his past. He dreams of playing with his mother and father and finding out how his mother reluctantly gave him to WCKD to help the world to find a cure. None of this is explained in the film and we don’t know anything about his parents. In the book, Brenda is working for WCKD and helps Thomas to escape. In the film, it is not mentioned that Brenda and Jorge were actually working for WCKD. In the book, Brenda tells Thomas that she is immune and that she was only acting in The Scorch. In the film, Brenda didn’t work for WCKD so she, therefore, still has the Flare. Jorge even looks at her bite and asks how she’s doing. The whole first 20 chapters of the book take place in WCKD’s headquarters, as Thomas, Minho, Newt and Brenda fight off guards and try to find their way to Jorge to escape on a Berg. The rest of the test subjects (including Frypan and Teresa) have escaped on another Berg and have already taken out half of the guards for them. In the film, they haven’t been captured by WCKD so none of this happens. Instead, Thomas, Newt and Frypan sneak away from The Right Arm to go and find Minho, but Brenda and Jorge save them from a Crank attack shortly after and join them on their journey. We only get a small glimpse of the Launchers in the film, but the electric grenade type weapons are used often in the book and hit Brenda and Thomas before their escape. In the book, Jorge is a pilot for WCKD so he knows how to steal a Berg. In the film, they somehow have one of their own. Jorge isn’t a pilot, but he still knows how to fly it. After all of this fighting in the book, Thomas, Minho, Newt, Brenda and Jorge escape WCKD on a Berg and head to Denver. In the film, the group go to The Last City in a jeep. In the film, Brenda says that there aren’t any cities left standing. In the book, it is Brenda and Jorge who know about Denver. In the book, WCKD’s headquarters are far away from the city. Janson tells Thomas that WCKD won’t go there because it’s overrun with The Flare. In the film, their headquarters are in the heart of the city. In the book, Brenda tells Thomas about her family. We don’t have such a close relationship with her in the film. In the film, Ava is refusing entry into the city because the infection rates are so high. There are slums outside the walls and guards with huge weapons shoot anybody that tries to get inside. In the book, there is no wall. There is security, but it’s not as high. Instead, the group drive to an airport and use fake IDs to get inside. In the film, Janson tries to shoot at Thomas. He doesn’t want him dead in the book. In the book, the group are scanned upon arrival to see if they are Immune, and Newt has to hide onboard and stay behind. In the film, the group sneak into the city through the sewers and are never scanned. In the film, Gally is part of a rebellion group that is separate from The Right Arm. In the book, Gally is a part of The Right Arm; this is the first time we meet them and this is the only rebellion group involved. In the book, somebody gives Thomas a note which is from Gally that says where they can go to meet him. In the film, the masked group kidnap Thomas and his friends. In the book, Gally’s note says that the end of the world is upon them. The film doesn’t seem so drastic or apocalyptic. More is detailed in the book about what happened to Gally after the Maze. Since Brenda worked for WCKD, she knows that he was used by WCKD to kill Chuck. Gally also explains that he faked going crazy afterwards so that they would send him away. In the film, none of this explained; Gally just skips over the questions. In the book, Gally explains to the group about the Immunes going missing. This isn’t really explained in the film. Instead, the group are rescuing the test subjects who were stolen along with Minho at the beginning. It is implied that they are all Immune, although not everyone is in the book. In the film, Teresa tries the serum on a patient but it doesn’t work. This isn’t in the book since Teresa doesn’t work for WCKD, and there isn’t a potential serum that is tested. Minho then attacks Teresa in the film. He doesn’t attack her in the book, but he definitely doesn’t like her. In the film, Thomas kidnaps Teresa so that she can help them to get inside WCKD. She removes his chip. In the book, the group plan to see a man named Hans who used to work for WCKD, in hope that he can remove their chips. In the film, Teresa is curious as to why it is taking the disease so long to take its full effect on Brenda. In the book, Brenda is immune and only pretending to have the Flare. When Hans removes Thomas’ chip in the book, WCKD take over Thomas’ body and try to get him to attack the group. They manage to restrain him. He also finally tells them all about his memory flashbacks, but he doesn’t have as many of these in the film and they aren’t explained in any detail. In the book, Thomas sees The Purge in his dreams. This is when the original creators of the trials had to all be killed because they had the Flare. This isn’t explained in the film, although there were some visions of it in The Maze Runner. In the book, the group travel in a taxi to see Gally and stay overnight in a motel. They don’t stay inside the city in the film, they only sneak in and then hide out with the rebellion group outside the walls. We see much more of the city in the book, as the group go to a mall and a coffee shop. We only really see inside WCKD in the film, nowhere that reflects the old world. In the coffee shop in the book, Thomas sees a man on a drug called Bliss which numbs the effects of the Flare. This isn’t discussed in the film. In the book, Thomas is captured by a man in the coffee shop who tries to take him away, but the man is shot dead by a vehicle. A hologram of Janson appears telling Thomas that they need him to return as he is the Final Candidate. This doesn’t happen in the film. Janson doesn’t communicate with Thomas until they sneak into WCKD. In the book, we still think that Janson could be a good guy, despite the Gladers dislike of him. In the film, he is a baddy from the beginning and his motives seem much more obvious. In the book, Newt leaves a note saying that he has gone to live with the Cranks. The group travel to Crank Palace to find him, where they pay some guards to help them out. Newt seems too far gone so they leave him there. They then get attacked by a crowd. None of this is in the film and there is no Crank Palace. We only see Cranks that have completely gone to the disease, whereas that’s not always the case in the book. In the book, this is where Thomas reads the note from Newt. It says that if he was ever Newt’s friends, then Thomas would kill him. Thomas doesn’t read the note until the final scene in the film, and the note is much more sentimental, looking back on their time together. In the film, Ava admits that she has lost and that the disease is airborne and is going to take over the city. In the book, Ava announces a state of emergency. When the group get back to the city, they are captured. Here, they are reunited with everyone (including Frypan and Teresa). In the book, Minho steals a Launcher and forces his captors to take Thomas and Brenda to their boss. A man called Lawrence drives them to see Vince. In the film, Lawrence is the leader of Gally’s rebellion group, whilst Vince is the leader of TRA. Since TRA and the rebellion group are the same in the book, Vince is the only leader so the film has made Lawrence’s role much bigger. In the book, Vince explains that TRA has been stealing Immunes to mimic WCKD so that they can get inside their headquarters. In the film, they use Teresa to get inside. In the book, Thomas and Lawrence are attacked by Cranks as they are driving. In the film, it is Thomas, Newt, and Frypan who are attacked by Cranks whilst in the Jeep much earlier on. The scenes feel very similar although they are completely different. In the book, Thomas sees Newt on his way to WCKD. They fight, and Thomas kills him, just as Newt asked. In the film, Newt has been with them the whole time but only starts to turn into a Crank after they have escaped from WCKD with Minho. Newt kills himself during a fight with Thomas. In the book, Newt explains to Thomas that he had a limp because he tried to kill himself in the Maze. Newt doesn’t have a limp in the film so we don’t learn this about him. In the book, Thomas goes to WCKD on his own so that he can plant a device that will render their weapons useless, and TRA plans to turn up afterwards. In the film, they use Teresa to get inside WCKD. Brenda and Gally go to find the Immunes whilst Thomas and Newt rescue Minho. Thomas then goes back inside WCKD on his own after Teresa talks to him over an intercom. In the film, Teresa tells Thomas how his blood is the cure for the Flare and takes some more samples from him. In the book, Teresa isn’t involved in any of this; it is Janson who tells Thomas that they need his brain to make the cure. In both the book and the film, TRA attack WCKD. In the film, Lawrence sacrifices himself to let the infected into the city and burn it down. In the book, they just destroy the headquarters; we don’t know what happens to Denver. In the book, Thomas is sedated and awakes to find a note and a map from Ava, showing him where the Immunes are hidden. In the film, he is restrained by Janson whilst Teresa takes a sample of his blood, but Teresa turns on him and attacks him so that Thomas can escape. In the book, the Immunes are hidden in the Maze. In the film, they easily find the Immunes inside the building. Brenda escorts them out of the building and onto a bus. In the film, Thomas confronts Ava but she is killed by Janson. We don’t know her fate in the book, but she helps Thomas out a lot more. In the book, Thomas is reunited with all of the surviving Gladers, including Teresa, Minho, Gally, Frypan, and Aris, and they all go into the Maze together. They have to fight some Grievers and escape the Maze before the walls collapse on them. None of this is in the film which is a huge disappointment. We see some of the Maze and the Grievers in Minho’s visions at the beginning, but it’s not the same. In the film, Teresa and Thomas simply have to make it out of WCKD alive. In the film, Janson is killed by Cranks. In the book, Thomas strangles him to death. In the film, Teresa helps Thomas board a Berg and dies when the building collapses at her feet. In the book, a piece of the ceiling is about to fall on Thomas but she pushes him out of the way and is killed instead. Either way, she sacrifices herself for him. In the film, Thomas kisses Teresa. In the book, he kisses Brenda for the first time once they reach the Safe Haven. In the film, Thomas has been severely injured. He hasn’t been in the book. In the film, the group reunites with TRA and escape to a safe haven. In the book, they leave TRA behind and only the Immunes are transported to the Safe Haven via a Flat Trans inside WCKD. The book ends with an epilogue explaining that Ava worked with Brenda and Jorge to create the Safe Haven to save the Immunes so that they could start afresh. WCKD IS GOOD! This isn’t explained in the film. We don’t see any of the good sides of WCKD.

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Do Brenda and Thomas kiss in the books?

22. Nope to the Brenda kiss. – In the Book: After finally arriving in paradise, the story ends with Thomas and Brenda kissing. It’s implied that Brenda is keeping something from Thomas. In the Movie: They make it to paradise — not through the flat trans — but the giant ship seen in the beginning of the movie.

Why isn t Newt immune to the flare?

In the books, Newt got infected at some point in The Scorch Trials, most likely as they made their way through the city and were exposed to the Flare for the first time. So in the beginning of The Death Cure, he would have already had it for about a month, which is why he got worse so quickly.

What is the highest reading level ever?

Lexile Levels: What Parents Need to Know A popular method used by schools to measure a student reader’s ability is Lexile level or a Lexile Measure. A Lexile measure is a valuable tool for teachers, parents, and students. It serves two unique functions: it is the measure of how difficult a text is OR a student’s reading ability level.

  • The Lexile Framework was developed by MetaMetrics ©, an educational assessment and research team, funded originally by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development.
  • A student receives his or her Lexile measure from one of two ways: taking a school-administered SRI (Scholastic Reading Inventory) test, which is specifically designed to measure Lexile or reading ability OR by taking a standardized reading test which converts the reader’s results to a Lexile measure.

If a student gets a 550L then he or she is a 550 level Lexile reader.550L is the measure of his or her readability level. It is important to note it is never called a score! This encourages student achievement. For more quick tips and book recommendations, sign up for our Scholastic Parents newsletter! You’ll also get 10% off your first order at the Scholastic Store Online.

The Lexile level will always be shown as a number with an “L” after it — for example 770L = 770 Lexile. The higher the Lexile measure, the higher the student’s reading level. The reader’s Lexile Framework works in intervals of five with 5L being the lowest. The highest possible measure is 2000L. Anything below 5L is assessed as a BR or Beginning Reader.

A book’s Lexile measure is analyzed by MetaMetrics ©, After a text is assessed, it is given a measure like that of a student’s readability level, 600L for example. In this measure, MetaMetrics © is assessing the text’s difficulty level. A book or magazine at a 500L has a Lexile Level of 500.

MetaMetrics © predicts and assesses how difficult a text will be for a reader to comprehend. The two main criteria it tests are word frequency and sentence strength. A text’s Lexile Framework works in increments of 10 with 10L being the lowest. Measures below 10L are classified as BR or Beginning Reader.

The ideal for both reader and text is to match both their assessed Lexile measure. For example a book or magazine with a 770L and a reader assessed at a Lexile level of 770. The reading levels per classroom are wide-ranging and varied. There are many factors that go into matching a student to his or her ideal text.

The Lexile Framework is a good place to start in picking the right book at the right Lexile level as it targets areas in need of intervention and encourages achievement across grade levels and curricula. Lexile levels are scientifically and mathematically assigned based on the difficulty and readability of a book.

Once you know your child’s Lexile level, you can search for books that match this level to expand your home library and encourage daily reading practice in your own home. Use the Lexile database to search by Lexile level, title, or subject to find books your child will enjoy and be able to read without becoming discouraged at his or her reading achievement. Teacher Appreciation Week is May 2-6! Show your gratitude with a,

What is a 3.7 reading level?

Third Grade
3.7 650 300-600L
3.9 675
Fourth Grade
Grade Level Lexile Rating & Range

What reading level is 5 worlds?

Product information

Publisher ‎Random House Graphic; Illustrated edition (May 2, 2017)
Reading age ‎8 – 12 years, from customers
Lexile measure ‎GN400L
Grade level ‎ 3 – 7
Item Weight ‎1.09 pounds

Do Thomas and Teresa kiss?

The Scorch Trials — “The Maze Runner” Series Thomas is awakened in the middle of the night by Teresa’s voice in his head. He’s still not sure how it works, but finds comfort in “speaking” with his friend without using words. He and his fellow Gladers have survived the Maze, and now they find themselves ensconced in a warehouse/dormitory.

He and the other boys sleep in one area, while Teresa sleeps somewhere else. When he finally goes back to sleep, Thomas has a memory/dream of being a young boy. His mother is tucking him in at night. She tells him he has been chosen for a purpose. Teresa wakes him from the dream. She is in distress. Then her presence disappears from his mind.

As he struggles to come fully conscious, the other boys in the dormitory start yelling. Cranks, zombie-like people covered in sores and scars, pound at the windows and beg to be killed. The Cranks can’t get through the barred windows, but the boys still want to get out of the dormitory and into the common area.

  1. When they finally break through the locked door, a new horror awaits.
  2. The people who had helped rescue them from the Maze are strung up from the ceiling, dead.
  3. Thomas hurries to Teresa’s room.
  4. A sign outside her door says she is in Group A.
  5. It also labels her as “The Betrayer.” But Teresa isn’t inside.
  6. Instead, they find a boy named Aris.

He claims to be from the Maze as well, although the others have never seen him. Thomas searches for Teresa, but she’s disappeared. Aris relates a story that mimics their own, only instead of being in a maze with all boys, he was the only male in a maze with girls.

  • He could communicate with one of the girls telepathically, but she was murdered before they escaped.
  • Aris and Thomas discover they can communicate with their minds as well.
  • The boys notice that they’ve been tattooed.
  • Aris says that he is in Group B and is labeled as The Partner.
  • Thomas and his friends are in Group A.

Minho is labeled “The Leader,” Newt “The Glue.” Thomas’ tattoo says that he is to be killed by Group B. All of the tattoos label the boys as property of WICKED, World in Catastrophe: Killzone Experiment Department. The boys know WICKED was responsible for the Maze, and now they wonder what else is in store for them.

When they re-enter the common area, they discover the bodies hanging from the ceiling have been removed. Thomas spends a few minutes trying to reach Teresa telepathically, but when he does, she insists she doesn’t know him, and threatens to kill him, before disappearing from his thoughts. After Thomas sleeps, he finds someone has delivered food to the common room.

A man now sits behind a force field. The man explains that he is from WICKED. The department exists for one purpose: to save the world from catastrophe. They have unlimited power, resources and technology. The man warns the boys to never believe what they see because their minds can be manipulated.

Everything they experienced in the Maze was part of a research trial, nothing happened without WICKED’s forethought and approval, including the murder of Thomas’ friend. The boys must now survive the more difficult Phase Two trials. The man tells them the world has been ravaged by sun flares. A disease called the Flare is decimating the population.

Governments of the surviving nations have banded together to form WICKED, and everything they learn from the trials will help the world to survive. He informs the boys that they have all been infected with the Flare. They will begin The Scorch Trials at 6 in the morning.

They will have to pass through the Flat Trans at that time. After that, they have to find open air and head north for 100 miles. If they make it to the safe haven within two weeks, they will be given the cure for the disease. If they don’t survive the trial, they will eventually die a horrible death from the disease.

The man warns them that this is their only chance of survival. Anyone who doesn’t pass through the Flat Trans within the designated period will be executed. The following morning, a wall of gray appears in the common area. The boys figure it is the Flat Trans.

They pass through it, and find themselves in a pitch-black corridor. As they feel their way along, a disembodied voice warns them to turn back now or be sliced. A few moments later, one of the boys shrieks. Thomas can feel the boy thrashing, convulsing. As the screaming gurgles to a stop, Thomas realizes the boy has a ball of metal instead of a head.

The ball disengages from the boy’s body and rolls down the hall. Another boy is killed and a third wounded before the Gladers find a stairway out of the dark hall. Unfortunately, it leads to a desert of scorching heat and blinding light. They see buildings in the distance and head for them.

  • Two Cranks from the city run out to investigate them.
  • They warn the boys that there are several stages of the Flare.
  • They must quickly learn who is safe, and who will kill them.
  • They also say another group like them has arrived in the Scorch.
  • The others want to kill Thomas and his friends.
  • The newcomers turn and run back toward the town.

As dark falls, a terrible scream is heard. It sounds like a girl being tortured. The shrieks continue through the night. When they finally stop, a girl appears from behind a building. Thomas knows it’s Teresa, though she still won’t communicate with him.

  1. He insists on following her alone into the building.
  2. She screams when he tries to touch her.
  3. Thomas realizes she’s not in control of her body until she suddenly steps forward and kisses him.
  4. She struggles to tell him to run away. Quickly.
  5. He promises to find her again.
  6. He flees the building without telling the other boys, and runs toward the town.

The others follow. He later dreams of Teresa training him to speak telepathically. When he wakes up, a strange powerful storm erupts. Lightning strikes cause boys to explode. Minho is struck, but fortunately, only his clothing catches on fire, which Thomas manages to put out.

  • The boys straggle into what they realize is an abandoned city and take refuge in one of the buildings.
  • They are met by a man named Jorge, a Crank who still has his sanity.
  • Jorge leads a band of Cranks.
  • When Minho mouths off to him, the Cranks threaten to kill them all.
  • Thomas convinces Jorge to talk with him alone first so he can explain everything.

Thomas tells Jorge all about the Maze and the Scorch Trials. He tells the man that if he, and maybe a few of his Cranks, help the boys to the safe haven, maybe WICKED will give them the cure for the Flare as well. Thomas finally convinces Jorge of the truth, and he and another Crank, Brenda, help the boys escape.

  1. Brenda and Thomas are separated from the others and are attacked by crazed Cranks.
  2. Thomas must kill one of them in order to survive.
  3. When he sleeps that night, Thomas has another dream in which he remembers hearing two scientists discussing the Maze and the possible betrayal scenario.
  4. They agree that the tests are brutal and may crush the kids’ psyche, but they are necessary to collect the data they need to save the world.

When Thomas goes out into the city the following morning, he sees a sign that tells him that he’s the real leader. Brenda tells him the signs are all over the city. It’s why Jorge agreed to help the boys escape. Thomas tells Brenda about Teresa. Brenda is jealous of the connection he obviously has to the other girl.

  1. Brenda and Thomas are taken captive by another group of Cranks who force them to swallow a drugged drink.
  2. As the drug takes effect, Brenda asks Thomas to kiss her.
  3. He refuses, explaining she could never be Teresa.
  4. They wake up as prisoners, tied to chairs.
  5. Minho arrives and helps them to escape.
  6. They meet up with the other boys and make their way out of the city.

One of Thomas’ captors finds them. He shoots Thomas in the shoulder. The bullet is rusted and causes Thomas to get an infection. WICKED break protocol and send a team in to heal him. While he is under their care, he overhears several interesting bits of information.

  1. They’re sure their interference in the trials won’t affect any of their data collecting, as guns were never supposed to be part of the equation.
  2. They refer to Thomas as being the best of the viable candidates,
  3. There are only four or five candidates left.
  4. They let him know they’re returning him back to the Scorch because it’s what he would have wanted them to do.

Back in the Scorch, Thomas and the Gladers try to figure out what WICKED wants from them. When he goes to sleep that night, Thomas hears Teresa in his head. She warns him that something awful is going to happen. He’s going to be hurt and scared, but she won’t be able to help him.

He has to remember to trust her, even when it looks like he shouldn’t. As the boys travel toward the safety zone the next day, Teresa and the girls from Group B surround them. They take Thomas prisoner, dragging him over the desert and up a mountain pass. That night, the girls tie him to a tree. Teresa has said that they will kill him because of what he did to her.

She treats him cruelly, but the other girls seem unsure if they should kill him. That night, Thomas dreams about the night before he was sent into the Maze. He and Teresa are watching a video of the Maze. They talk about how everyone is dead and wonder whether they’ve learned enough to train the replacements.

  1. All that matters to them now are the patterns and the killzone.
  2. When he wakes up, he struggles to make sense of the memory.
  3. Thomas convinces the girls of Group B not to kill him.
  4. They tell him that they’ve been traveling in tunnels through the city.
  5. That’s why the boys haven’t seen them.
  6. They were ordered to wait so Teresa could meet with him in the building alone.
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Her mind was overtaken by something, and she was forced to kiss him. Thomas is sure now that Teresa is The Betrayer and has turned against him. Later, Teresa and Aris take Thomas aside. Teresa admits that she and Aris can speak telepathically. Aris and Teresa share several kisses.

  1. Thomas is hurt by her betrayal.
  2. She tells him this has been WICKED’s plan all along, and it’s either him or them who will survive.
  3. They lead him at knife point to a cave where a secret room opens up.
  4. Thomas fights not to be placed inside, but Teresa and Aris are too strong.
  5. Before the door closes and he passes out with a concussion, Thomas hears Teresa in his head, thanking him for being their sacrifice.

He dreams again of the past, this time, he is saying goodbye to Teresa and Aris just before entering the Maze. It is obvious that Thomas and Teresa have a relationship. Theresa tries to convince Thomas that the plan is going to work. Thomas and Aris enter the Maze together.

  1. Eventually, Teresa and Aris release Thomas from the cell.
  2. She tries to convince him that it was all part of the plan and apologizes for having to hurt him.
  3. She swears that WICKED told her if she didn’t do everything they told her, they would kill Thomas.
  4. He can’t process his emotions, but he knows he trusts neither of the two.

They make their way to the safety zone, where they meet up with the others from both groups. As the time for the cure to appear approaches, so do several large pods. Creatures crawl out from them and attack the teenagers. As Thomas and the others fight the creatures, another electrical storm hits.

  1. A Berg, a kind of air ship, touches down, and the survivors fight their way into the craft.
  2. Jorge and Brenda also manage to get on board, but a member of WICKED informs Thomas that only one can stay.
  3. Thomas chooses Jorge, thinking that it’s some kind of test and they will actually allow Brenda to stay.

But the guard drags Brenda toward the exit. Thomas overpowers him and takes the man’s gun, insisting that he and the others have done enough. He doesn’t care about trials or killzones anymore. Everyone gets to stay on the Berg. The man smiles and agrees.

  1. That had been the true test.
  2. Thomas is separated from the others while he sleeps.
  3. When he wakes up, he hears Brenda’s voice in his mind, warning him that things are going to get very bad for him again.
  4. She, too, is a WICKED plant.
  5. Later, Teresa’s voice tells him that they’ve been told he’s gone crazy, that the Flare has overtaken his mind.

Thomas begs Teresa to leave him alone. Before she does, she tells him to remember that WICKED is good. A memorandum from WICKED ends the novel. It tells its readers not to let emotions interfere with their work. Things have not gone as planned, but their research will save humanity.

Was Thomas in love with Teresa?

Thomas felt connected to Theresa when he saw her in the glade even though he couldn’t remember anything about her and about all the times they spent together before the trials. They were really attached to each other and that’s what tricked them into believing they loved each other.

How was gally immune?

Powers –

Disease Immunity: Gally was shown to be immune to the effects of the deadly Flare virus. It was shown in the Maze Runner film that he was stung by a Griever. Six months later in the Death Cure film, he survived and became healthy from it.

Did Newt know he wasn t immune?

Newt is separated from his sister and placed with other Group A members. He is aware of the fact that he is not Immune.

Why were the kids put in the maze?

‘Maze Runner’: 7 Things To Remember Before Heading Into ‘The Scorch Trials’ Are you a little fuzzy on the details of the last “” movie? Fear not, friends! “,” the second installment in the film series adapted from James Dashner’s bestselling books may hit theaters September 18, but that gives you plenty of time to study up. This babe, played by from MTV’s own “Teen Wolf,” is the central protagonist in our story. In addition to being an excellent runner, the 16-year-old is also smart, brave, and extremely inquisitive. He pretty much solved an entire dystopian social experiment within a few days in the first film, so apparently that’s just how he rolls? He is a member of a group of kids called Gladers. In the first film, Thomas joined a group of 50 other male teens known as “The Gladers” inside of a massive and deadly maze. (Think the Tri-Wizard Tournament maze, but on Miracle-Gro.) Don’t get too attached to that adorable gif above, though. Most of these shanks didn’t survive the first film. ? Teresa is the only girl in the group. She survived the maze, along with Thomas and a handful of others. Teresa (Kaya Scodelario) and Thomas have some sort of intense connection that we don’t yet fully understand. Also, she played Effie in British teen drama classic “Skins,” so that’s pretty cool. The dystopian future of “The Scorch Trials” totally blows. First, sun flares scorched the Earth, making much of it uninhabitable. The ice caps melted. Coastal cities disappeared under water. The Post-Flares Coalition (a.k.a., the terribly-named governmental body in charge after the scorching) decided to release a virus that would cull some of the population, making it more manageable. Though they initially couldn’t remember much beyond their own names, the Gladers soon learn that The Maze is an elaborate social experiment designed to find a cure for the virus. The kids were chosen because they are seemingly immune. The Maze was one of many tests that the Gladers will undergo so their brain chemistry can be observed and analyzed in hopes of finding a cure. We don’t know much about the entity behind the creation of The Maze, but the Gladers call them The Creators. We also know the organization behind The Maze is called W.C.K.D. As the leader, Ava Page (Patricia Clarke) recorded a video message for the Gladers upon their escape from The Maze. “The Scorch Trials” is only the second of three books in the “Maze Runner” series (if you’re not counting the two prequels). “The Scorch Trials” is followed by “The Death Cure,” so don’t go into the film expecting total resolution. Of course, that most likely means more “Maze Runner” film action for us, which is totally a good thing.

Are the Grievers robots?

Appearance – The Grievers are cyborg-like creatures resembling both slugs and spiders. They were artificially created by for their labyrinths. In the movies, their bodies are long, green, and slimy and have four mechanical legs as well as a robotic tail with a gripper at the end that can throw anything like,

Why was Newt put in the maze?

Maze Runner: The Death Cure – Newt, along with Thomas, Frypan, Brenda, Jorge, Vince, Harriet, and the Right Arm, rescue and take Aris, Sonya, and a group of Immune kids to their new hideout. At night, when Thomas leaves the hideout to go to the Last City to rescue Minho, Newt joins him and Frypan.

  • The next day, Newt, along with Thomas and Frypan, drive into the sewers, where they are attacked by Cranks,
  • Brenda and Jorge arrive to rescue them.
  • Newt, along with Thomas, Frypan, Brenda, and Jorge, arrive in the Last City.
  • While walking with Thomas, Frypan, Brenda, and Jorge to the walls of the Last City, Newt notices a crew wearing gas masks following them and alerts Thomas, Frypan, Brenda, and Jorge to the crew’s presence.

WCKD aims turrets at the crowd, forcing Newt to run along with Thomas, Frypan, Brenda, and Jorge to run to avoid being attacked by the turrets. Newt runs into a safe corner along with Thomas, Frypan, Brenda, and Jorge run into a safe corner where they encounter the crew, who force Newt into a van with Frypan and Jorge and Thomas and Brenda into another van.

  • The crew drive Newt to the hideout along with Thomas, Frypan, Brenda, and Jorge.
  • At the hideout, a member of the crew takes off his mask and reveals himself to be Gally,
  • Thomas, remembering when Gally killed Chuck while stung by a Griever, punches him in the face.
  • Newt rushes over to stop Thomas from beating up Gally.

Thomas reminds Newt of when Gally killed Chuck. Newt replies that he remembers that Gally was stung by a Griever and half out of his mind. With that, Thomas gets off Gally. Newt asks Gally how he is still alive, as he, Thomas, and Frypan watched him die.

  1. Gally replies that he, Thomas, and Frypan left him to die and that if he and his crew hadn’t found them, Brenda, and Jorge, they would be dead.
  2. Newt tells Gally that Minho is being held in the WCKD tower and that he, Thomas, Frypan, Brenda, and Jorge are looking for a way in.
  3. Gally offers to help them get into the WCKD tower.

Thomas, at first, refuses to follow Gally, but Gally replies that he can get him, Newt, Frypan, Brenda, and Jorge through the walls of the Last City. While following Gally to Lawrence ‘s hideout along with Thomas, Frypan, Brenda, and Jorge, Newt is told by Gally that after he, Thomas, Frypan, and the other Gladers left him behind in the WCKD lab, he was found still lying on the floor with the spear still in his chest by Lawrence’s crew, who, after discovering that he is immune to the Flare, pulled the spear out of his chest and took him to the Last City to meet Lawrence, who healed Gally of the spear wound and convinced him to join his crew.

Newt is told by Gally that Lawrence’s crew is working to destroy WCKD. Newt is told by Gally not to stare at Lawrence. Newt, along with Thomas, Gally, Frypan, Brenda, and Jorge, arrive in Lawrence’s hideout. Thomas tells Lawrence that he, Newt, Frypan, Brenda, and Jorge need to get into the WCKD tower, as Gally said that he can get them through the walls of the Last City.

Lawrence replies that the way into the WCKD tower is impossible. Gally replies that the way into the WCKD tower won’t work without Thomas. When Lawrence asks Thomas why he should trust him, Thomas replies that WCKD has something they both want. Lawrence tells Thomas that he, Newt, and Gally can go into the Last City while Frypan, Brenda, and Jorge stay behind.

Thomas agrees and shakes Lawrence’s hand. As Jorge tells Thomas to be careful going with Newt and Gally into the Last City and Frypan tells Gally to take care of Newt and Thomas, Newt sits down to straighten his shoes, but notices his right hand twitching and realizes that he has been infected by the Flare.

Newt walks through the tunnels along with Thomas and Gally where Gally uses a generator in the tunnels to turn on the light bulbs so he can lead Thomas and Newt through the tunnels. At night, Newt, along with Thomas and Gally, walk through the Last City.

  1. They hear an announcer telling everyone in the Last City to return home.
  2. With that, Newt decides to return to Lawrence’s hideout along with Thomas and Gally.
  3. On the way back to Lawrence’s hideout, Newt, along with Thomas and Gally, hide from the WCKD soldiers.
  4. After Newt returns to Lawrence’s hideout along with Thomas and Gally, Gally uses a telescope to look at the WCKD tower and tells Thomas and Newt about its security system.

When Thomas asks Gally about the way in that he had mentioned before, Gally convinces Thomas to look through the telescope, Thomas agrees and sees Teresa working in a lab. Gally reveals to Thomas that he plans to use Teresa to get into the WCKD tower.

  • The next day, in Lawrence’s hideout, Newt goes over plans along with Thomas, Gally, Frypan, Brenda, and Jorge to use Teresa to get into the WCKD tower.
  • Thomas is reluctant to use Teresa as their way into the WCKD tower.
  • Newt reacts with extreme aggressiveness, screaming at Thomas for still having feelings for Teresa.

Shocked about himself, Newt apologizes and walks out. Thomas finds Newt sitting on a rooftop. Newt reveals to Thomas that he has been infected by the Flare, as revealed by the black veins on his right arm. Newt reveals that the reason WCKD put him in the Maze was because they wanted to tell the difference between immunes like Thomas and people like himself.

Thomas tells Newt that he can cure him. Newt replies that they need to get Minho out of the WCKD tower. Thomas agrees. The next night, while Thomas and Gally go into the Last City to capture Teresa, Newt goes with Frypan, Brenda, and Jorge to an abandoned church. Thomas and Gally take Teresa to the church where Newt, Frypan, Brenda, and Jorge are.

Newt is told by Teresa along with Thomas, Gally, and Frypan that Minho is in Sub-Level 3 with the Immune teenagers. After Gally and Frypan get their trackers removed by Teresa, Newt approaches them and gives them WCKD soldier overall uniforms and face-masking helmets.

Disguised with WCKD soldier overall uniforms and face-masking helmets along with Thomas and Gally, Newt goes with them and Teresa to the WCKD tower, while Frypan climbs up a crane, Brenda goes to a parking lot to steal a bus, and Jorge returns to the Right Arm’s hideout. Newt, along with Thomas and Teresa, enter the WCKD Tower through the main entrance while Gally enters the WCKD tower through the parking garage.

Newt, along with Thomas, Teresa, and Gally, arrive in a stairwell. While Thomas talks to Frypan and Brenda on a walkie-talkie and Gally plugs a jamming device into the electrical box, Newt coughs from being infected by the Flare while leaning over the stairwell railing as Teresa, who is sitting on a step, looks on.

  1. After learning that Minho has been moved up to the medical wing, Newt goes to find him along with Thomas and Teresa, while Gally takes the teenagers and the vials of serum that he had taken out of the vault to Brenda.
  2. When Thomas and Teresa discover that Minho has been moved up to the medical wing, they and Newt go to find him, while Gally takes the teenagers and the vials of serum that he had taken out of the vault to Brenda.

Newt, Thomas, and Teresa take the elevator to find Minho. Janson joins them in the elevator and talks to Teresa, but then realizes that Newt and Thomas are in the elevator, but Newt, Thomas, and Teresa manage to escape. When Thomas asks when the Flare will stop, Teresa replies that it stops when WCKD finds a cure.

Thomas replies that there is no cure. Janson holds them at gunpoint, but Teresa manages to let Newt and Thomas go to find Minho while she goes to do a blood test on Thomas’ blood. After reuniting with Minho, Newt runs with him and Thomas to escape from Janson and the WCKD soldiers. Newt manages to lock himself in a room along with Thomas and Minho.

Thomas manage to break the window along with Minho and jumps with him and Newt out of the window and into the pool. When they get out of the pool, four masked soldiers approach them and tell them to surrender, but one of them shoots the other three, takes off his helmet, and reveals himself to be Gally.

  1. Minho is shocked to see that Gally is alive, and Gally tells him, Newt, and Thomas that they are nuts.
  2. While hiding from the WCKD soldiers along with Thomas, Minho, and Gally, Newt is asked by Minho how he is feeling.
  3. Newt replies that he feels terrible.
  4. While Minho and Gally talk to each other, Thomas carries Newt off into the Last City.

While going to the berg along with Thomas, Minho, and Gally, Newt sees the walls of the Last City exploding as a result of Lawrence sacrificing himself to destroy them. While hiding behind garden beds along with Thomas, Minho, and Gally, Newt sees the battle between the WCKD soldiers and Lawrence’s crew.

Newt manages to escape along with Thomas, Minho, and Gally. Newt is unable to get to the berg due to being infected by the Flare, leading Minho and Gally to run to the berg to get the serum from Brenda. Newt gives Thomas his necklace before passing out. While carrying Newt into a train station, Thomas hears Teresa telling him that his blood can cure Newt like it did Brenda.

Newt becomes a Crank and attacks Thomas. Thomas fights Newt and stabs him in the chest with a knife. Minho, Gally, Frypan, and Brenda arrive and see Newt’s dead body. While Thomas walks off to the WCKD tower, Minho, Gally, Frypan, and Brenda gather around Newt’s dead body.