Essay On Prevention Is Better Than Cure


Essay On Prevention Is Better Than Cure
How it Relates to our Daily Life – Most of the people suffer from various fatal diseases which have almost no cure or impossible to cure. Some of the diseases have very expensive treatment. People suffering from such diseases are cured by using very hard medicines having lots of side effects in present or in near future.

In order to remain away from such diseases, prevention is a great key we can be safe from deadly diseases. Prevention is very cheap and save lots of money, time and effort of us. If prevention methods are followed by the people, they remain safe and happy forever. Poor people cannot afford costly medical treatments.

So, we should take care of us all through proper prevention methods so that we can be away from cure. We have only one life which is very important to all of us. We should live it, not destroy by inviting various problems and difficulties. Life can be more happy and peaceful if we become disciplined and follow principles of this proverb.

  1. Conclusion : By properly understanding the meaning and principles of prevention, we can learn how to save ourselves from deadly and fatal diseases.
  2. Generally people know the definitions of making their lives healthier and happier.
  3. But they forget the key point of control, discipline and patience.
  4. Cure becomes the last step to get our body out of danger however sometimes we cannot get the normal health back in case of some serious diseases.

Our doctors may save the life but cannot return the happiness in life. People, who already had suffered difficulties in life, well understand the value the prevention. But, it is better, if people understand its value before getting into any difficulty.

Why is prevention better than cure?

Prevention is better than cure | SCOR

A proactive approach to health management enables an individual to manage, postpone and even prevent some medical conditions. If insurers can help to facilitate successful health management, they stand to benefit from reduced risk and through building more valued relationships with customers. The challenge for insurers is to establish a role in a field in which they have no natural credibility or expertise. Whether willingly or with the coercion of their doctor or employer, 60% of respondents reported having a regular health check. For others, the cost or inconvenience of undergoing regular screening has limited take-up. Technology could present a cost-effective way to overcome these barriers. Partnering with medical technology companies that have expertise in the field of health management offers insurers the means to monitor and reward policyholders who take active steps to manage their health.

A truly comprehensive approach to health management encompasses not only the lifestyle choices discussed in the previous section but also regular monitoring to identify latent conditions. Proactive monitoring delivers significant benefits by reducing the frequency and severity of medical crises.

What is an example of prevention is better than cure?

The important percautions for preventing occurrence of diseases include (i) Hygienic environment : (ii) personal hygiene (iii) Proper nutrition: (iv) clean food: (v) clean water: (vi) regular exercise and (vii) adequate relaxation.

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Is prevention better than cure healthy or unhealthy?

When was your last health check? – An unintended consequence of COVID-19 has been that health prevention has taken a back seat for many of us. According to a global health study by PWC, 32% of people reported a delay in preventative visits due to COVID-19.

  1. It’s time to put our health first.
  2. The saying ‘prevention is better than cure ‘ has been around since the 17th and possibly 13th century according to Oxford and it’s still a fundamental principle of modern health care today.
  3. It is better to stop an illness from occurring than it is to treat it after it has happened.

It is also cheaper too.

What is the difference between prevention treatment and cure?

2. Approach: – It is important to note the approach to the two forms take towards healthcare.a. For preventive healthcare, health is a positive, holistic notion that needs you need to maintain and improve. It focuses on the overall quality of life and health.b. With curative medicine, it focuses on removing the disease which is the hindrance to good health.

Why prevention is better than cure class 12?

When a person gets diseased, his body gets weak and can never recover fully. The person with an infectious disease acts as a medium for transferring disease to a healthy person. Thus, the prevention of a disease is always better than the steps that follow after the contraction of the disease.