How To Cure Lip Pigmentation


How To Cure Lip Pigmentation
Over time, lips can become darker as a result of things like smoking and caffeine. There are several natural ways to help lighten your lips, like lemon juice and aloe. Some people develop darker lips over time due to a range of medical and lifestyle factors.

excessive exposure to the sunlack of hydration cigarette smoking allergic reactions to toothpaste, lipstick, etc. too much caffeine lip sucking

Most of these causes can be addressed by lifestyle changes, such as wearing sunscreen, limiting caffeine intake, or changing toothpaste brands. The following can also lead to darker lips:

chemotherapy anemia vitamin deficiency excessive fluoride use

Treating hyperpigmentation is often a cosmetic decision. Laser treatments and chemicals such as hydroquinone and kojic acid are often used to treat lip hyperpigmentation. Many hyperpigmentation treatments work by inhibiting an enzyme that produces melanin. You might, however, find a natural lip lightener that suits your needs. Here are some to consider.

Does honey remove lip pigmentation?

Healthy pink lips add extra charm to a person’s face. These naturally appealing lips don’t need regular application of lips balms or lipsticks to look luscious and healthy. But several factors like the suns UV rays, smoking, caffeine and age can affect our lips and darken them.

  1. Luckily, there are several natural solutions to lighten darker lips.
  2. Here is a list of natural home remedies that can lighten dark lips,’ Honey : Honey is an amazing natural ingredient, which can be used to treat dark lips.
  3. It not only lightens your lips but also makes them soft.
  4. Apply honey on your lips and leave it on overnight, everyday.
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Continue this practice for a couple of weeks and you will notice a change in your lip colour. Lemon juice : Lemon is known to be a bleaching agent and it acts as an effective remedy to treat dark lips. Apply freshly squeezed lemon juice to your lips and massage them gently.

Follow this ritual every night before bed. Sugar scrub: Sugar works as an excellent scrub to exfoliate lips and also helps get rid of unwanted dead skin. Take three spoons of sugar and mix it with two spoons of butter to make a thick paste. Use this mixture on your lips to exfoliate them. The added butter moisturises your lips.

Like your skin, your lips also need to be exfoliated regularly. Try this scrub two or three times a week for lighter lips. Beetroot: This deep purple ingredient helps cleanse and lighten lips. Beetroot juice has natural agents, which lighten lips. Use its juice on your lips for effective results.

Ice cubes: This simple method of rubbing ice cubes over your lips will help them remain moisturised and fresh as ice cubes not only hydrate your lips but also make them plump. Milk cream: Try milk cream (malai) with a bit of saffron and apply this mixture to your lips. This is an age old remedy for treating dark lips.

Continue this ritual several times a day and at night for effective results. Read more Personal Health, Diet & Fitness stories on

Can petroleum jelly lighten dark lips?

Natural Sugar Sugar granules actually have super exfoliation properties and can remove dead cells that are naturally dark. Simple solution to a frustrating problem. Take two spoons of granulated sugar and add little water to make a thick paste. You could also add honey and lemon juice to form an effective scrub that can help you get smooth, soft skin. Remember to follow this up with a heavy coat of to give your lips a boost of moisture post that natural scrub. Berries Tempting as it is to pop those berries in your mouth, save some of them to lighten your lips to that strawberry pink. Berries contain antioxidant property along with minerals and vitamins that are perfect skin lightening. You can use raspberry or strawberry juice mixed with petroleum jelly as a wonderful natural solution to lighten dark your lips. Remember, while all of these are remedies there are a few things you could do to prevent you lips from darkening. The one we rely on the most? Stepping out with our trust that’s got a glossy finish and the power of SPF that protects your lips! Choose from these amazing without having to leave your home And enjoy all those wonderful shades of lipstick you thought you could never try!

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What hormone causes dark lips?

7. Hormone disorder – Dark or black spots on the lips can indicate a hormone disorder. Levels of thyroid hormone that are either low or high can cause spots or hyperpigmentation to occur on the body. Contact a doctor to receive a diagnosis and develop a treatment plan.

Does pigment come back on lips?

What Factors Impact Lip Discoloration? – There are several causes for lip discoloration and hyperpigmentation: sun exposure, smoking, diet, and cosmetic products being the main ones in addition to general dehydration. “Sun damage and aging can lead to paler lips due to dryness, poor circulation, as well as fine lines and wrinkles due to loss of underlying collagen and elastin,” says Dr.

Cox. To prevent this, your sun care routine needs to apply to not only your face but your lips as well. Remember, “pigmentation from sun damage will always return if not treated and sun protection isn’t used,” says celebrity aesthetician, Joshua Ross of SkinLab, Diet plays into hyperpigmentation as well.

Since caffeine is a diuretic, it can dehydrate the lips, especially if you’re someone who drinks multiple cups of coffee or caffeinated tea throughout the day. In addition to avoiding caffeine and drinking the recommended daily amount of water (about 11 cups per day for adult women), Dr.

Mitchell suggests “consuming fruits and vegetables with high water content as it has molecules that can help deliver water to the cells efficiently.” Hydration will help fight against the external factors and maintain your natural lip color and prevent that unwanted dullness. Certain cosmetics like vibrant, matte lipsticks are drying and can also lead to hyperpigmentation of the lips.

“Persistent dryness or chapped lips can be irritating and can cause release of more melanin and further worsen the pigment,” Dr. Sunitha Posina, M.D., board-certified Internist in New York City tells TZR. She suggests looking for ingredients with vitamin E, arbutin, azeloyl glycine, antioxidants, and petroleum when you notice discoloration, to lock in moisture and protect the barrier.