Massage Oil For Pain


Massage Oil For Pain
Use these oils for pain and swelling

  • Lavender oil. Lavender is prized for its ability to calm and relax.
  • Eucalyptus oil. Eucalyptus has a cooling effect on muscles and reduces pain and inflammation.
  • Roman and German chamomile oils. Chamomile oils can help with pain and inflammation.
  • Rosemary oil.
  • Yarrow oil.

Can oil massage reduce body pain?

Body pain is the most commonly encountered pain amongst the elders due to old age and wear and tear of muscles. After a strenuous day at work or when not feeling well, you might experience pain in the body. While going in for a hot water bath or using a hot water pack to ease the pain is one of the common traditional ways to fight body pain, it might not be a feasible option for a long term relief.

  • Moreover, popping a painkiller every now and then to get rid of body aches is not a good idea because of its effect on the liver and kidneys with its long-term use.
  • But one thing that is known to be effective as well as safe for people suffering from body ache is an oil massage.
  • Yes! oil massage for body pain with essential oils or herbal oils works wonders as these oils seep deep into the dermal levels to provide relief.

This is the reason it has been touted to be the best natural remedy for body pain and is one of the commonly adopted methods to relieve body pain as well as back pain for a long time. Let us understand which essential oils and herbal ayurvedic oils should be used for an oil massage for body ache relief.6 Essential Oils That Are Excellent for Easing Body Aches Essential oils have been used for centuries for back pain and inflammation without any side effects.

It can be used in the form of aromatherapy where you breathe in the essential oil through a diffuser to relieve migraines or pain caused by blocked sinuses. The other way of using an essential oil is massaging it on the affected area. A good massage relaxes your muscles and improves muscle tone, circulation, and blood flow.

It also relieves any physical tension and mental stress. Oil massage with essential oils or ayurvedic herbal oils gives a combined effect of touch and therapeutic benefits of oil. You may choose the type of oil-based on the pain, site, and cause of pain to get the optimal benefit.

Here are 6 top essential oils that you can use for an oil massage for body ache. Peppermint Oil: Peppermint oil massage helps alleviate pain due to arthritis, migraines and muscle aches and pains. It is an age-old technique that still holds strong. Peppermint oil is known to reduce the occurrence of spasms.

When mixed with lavender it is even more effective and longer lasting. Browse Our Exclusive Range Of Pain Relief products Lavender Oil: Lavender oil is a popular pain-relieving essential oil due to its light sedating and soothing effects. This makes it highly effective for stress-related pain in the head, neck and back.

  1. Lavender oil can be inhaled or rubbed onto painful body parts.
  2. It is a mild oil that can be applied directly to the skin.
  3. Application or inhaling of lavender oil at night offers a relaxing sleep, which in turn helps to naturally cure any kind of body pain.
  4. It is a highly relaxing and mood-boosting oil.

Eucalyptus Oil: Eucalyptus is largely known for its ability to unblock sinus congestion and treat cold due to its antioxidant and antibacterial qualities. But apart from these, eucalyptus oil also has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties which helps in soothing tired and aching muscles.

  • Eucalyptus oil also improves the blood circulation which in turn helps to wash out pain and provide relief.
  • Sandalwood Oil: Sandalwood oil is very effective for joint pain and inflammation.
  • When aches and pains are caused by stress, sandalwood is a good essential oil to use.
  • It has mild analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, which help to ease pain and reduce inflammation thereby relieving back pain.

It is commonly used for whole-body massage and is helpful in treating sciatica pain. Chamomile Oil: Chamomile essential oil possesses both antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties. Chamomile oil massage is really beneficial for back pain because of inflammation or muscle spasms.

The oil is readily absorbed by the skin to reduce inflammation and pain. Severe pain caused by conditions such as sciatica or slipped discs can also be treated with a light application of chamomile oil on the affected areas. There are two types of chamomile essential oil available in the market. One is Roman chamomile essential oil which is a milder one and provides a calming and relaxing effect.

The other type is German chamomile oil which is the stronger one and is used in the case of acute inflammatory conditions or severe muscle, joint or bone pain. Ginger Oil: Ginger is a common kitchen ingredient but not many people are aware of the pain-relieving properties of its oil.

Ginger oil is very effective for cramps, arthritis, and inflammation of the joints. Ginger oil should always be diluted with a carrier oil such as coconut oil. A good massage with ginger oil reduces muscle stiffness and eases the pain. Gingerol present in ginger is known for its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties making ginger oil an essential massage oil for body ache.

It is seen to work wonders in case of chronic lower back pain. Always remember to use a carrier oil (such as olive oil, coconut oil or any vegetable oil) along with your choice of essential oil to dilute it. In case of acute pain or inflammation, you may massage these essential oils twice or thrice a day.

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If you are suffering from chronic pain you may apply hot compresses at the site of the pain site using essential oils. This is because it helps speed up the absorption process and may increase the effectiveness of the oils. **Consult India’s best doctors here** Oiling the body with Ayurvedic herbal oil is an ancient technique revered by Ayurveda for a daily self-care routine or for localized pain relief.

It nourishes the skin and nerves, as well as boosts immunity by improving blood circulation through the body. The use of herbal or ayurvedic oils for massage of the body helps in alleviating pain and also reduce stiffness and swelling around the joints.

You can not go wrong in choosing oils for a relaxed & soothing oil massage for body pain. Though essential oils or ayurvedic oils are not a magical cure or permanent cure for pain, it helps in reducing pain and its associated symptoms. Also, if you still experience pain after the use of these oils or suffer from severe body ache, it is wise to consult a doctor to know the exact cause of it.

(The article is reviewed by Dr. Swati Mishra, Medical Editor ) Recommended Reads: 6 Effective Ways To Manage Period Pain Sciatica Pain? 5 Herbs To Relieve The Pain Naturally!

Which oil is best for deep tissue massage?

Type of Massage – When considering a carrier oil, it’s important to choose one that’s best suited for the given massage technique. Low-friction techniques—like Swedish massage—call for heavier oils like olive oil, which is denser and slower to absorb into the skin.

What oil do massage therapists use?

Types of Massage Oils – Massage oils vary. The most common include: coconut oil, almond oil, avocado oil, grapeseed oil, argon oil, sesame oil, jojoba oil, apricot kernel oil, macadamia oil, safflower oil, sunflower oil and olive oil. These oils are some of the more popular massage oils used for massage.

Coconut oil is rich in vitamin E and fatty acids and helps cool down the body with its rich, oily properties. Almond oil is rich in vitamin E, fatty acids, potassium, and zinc. Avocado oil is rich in vitamin E and fatty acids. Grapeseed oil is a great skin moisturizer rich that absorbs easily into the skin. Argon oil is rich in vitamins A and E and helps to firm skin. Sesame oil is rich in linoleic acid and is a thicker oil that aids in warming and purifying the skin. Jojoba oil is rich in vitamins A and E and helps to control bacterial growth on the skin. Apricot kernel oil is rich in fatty acids and vitamin A, which helps to soften the skin. This oil is perfect for sensitive skin. Macadamia oil is rich in omega 6 and 9 and helps to regenerate the skin. It blends in easily with essential oils. Safflower oil is rich in linoleic acid and helps with treating acne. Sunflower oil is rich in omega 6 and helps with dermatitis. Olive oil is rich in vitamin E and is a moisturizer for the skin. Most of these oils help to fight free radicals that contribute to premature aging and calm irritated, inflamed skin.

What is a full body massage with oil?

Body oil massage is a therapeutic body treatment that involves the use of body oils to soothe and relax the body. It is an ancient practice used for centuries by many cultures around the world, from India to Africa and beyond. The body oil massage is designed to stimulate circulation, improve joint flexibility and bring about a sense of deep relaxation.

  1. The body oil used in this massage is typically a blend of essential oils, which have therapeutic properties such as calming, stimulating and invigorating effects on the body.
  2. The body oil massage therapist will apply warm body oil to the body using long, gentle strokes or circular motions.
  3. This helps to loosen tight muscles and tissues while improving body circulation.

The body oil massage also helps to reduce stress and tension in the body, allowing for a deeper sense of relaxation and well-being. The body oil massage can be used on any area of the body but is particularly effective on areas such as the neck, shoulders, arms and legs.

  1. It can help to improve joint mobility by increasing the body’s flexibility and range of motion.
  2. The body oil massage can also help to reduce any inflammation or pain caused by injuries, as well as improve circulation to areas that may be stuck due to muscle tension.
  3. Finally, body oil massages are known for their beautifying properties, as body oil helps to nourish the skin and make it look brighter and smoother.
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The body oil massage can help to deeply moisturize the skin, while its natural anti-inflammatory properties help to reduce any redness or irritation. Overall, body oil massages are a great way to relax the body and improve overall wellbeing. They can also provide beauty benefits that help make your skin softer, smoother and brighter.

With body oil massage, you can show your body some much-needed TLC and enjoy its therapeutic benefits too! For the most effective body oil massage, it is recommended to book a session with an experienced body oil massage therapist who is knowledgeable in how to best use body oils for therapeutic effects.

They will be able to customize the body oil massage to suit your unique needs, helping you relax and feel rejuvenated. So if you’re looking for a way to give yourself a therapeutic body treatment that will help improve wellbeing as well as enhance your body’s natural beauty, a body oil massage is definitely worth considering! Body oil massage is a therapeutic body treatment that uses body oils to soothe and relax the body. It has been used in many cultures for centuries and provides numerous health benefits. Here are the top 6 benefits of body oil massage: 1. Increased relaxation: A body oil massage can help to relieve stress and tension from the body.

The body oil used in the massage helps to create a calming and therapeutic atmosphere, allowing you to relax deeply. This can help reduce any anxiety or depression and improve overall wellbeing.2. Enhanced circulation: Body oil massage works to stimulate your body’s circulation, which helps to deliver oxygen and nutrients more effectively throughout your body.

This can help to reduce body aches and pains, as well as improve joint flexibility.3. Pain relief: The body oil massage helps to loosen any tight muscles or tissues and reduces inflammation in the body which can cause pain. This can be very effective for those who suffer from chronic pain or injuries.4.

Improved skin health: Body oil massage helps to nourish the skin and make it look brighter and smoother. The body oils used in body oil massage contain natural anti-inflammatory properties which can help reduce any redness or irritation.5. Increased body flexibility: By using body oil massage to loosen tight muscles, you can improve body flexibility and range of motion.

This can help to prevent any future body pain and injuries while allowing you to move more freely.6. Rejuvenation: Body oil massage is a great way to give your body some much-needed TLC and feel rejuvenated afterwards. Not only does body oil massage relax the body, but it also gives you an injection of energy to take on the day’s activities.

Overall, body oil massage is an excellent way to relax and restore your body while enjoying its beautifying properties at the same time. If you are looking for a therapeutic body treatment that enhances your body’s natural beauty and provides numerous health benefits, body oil massage is definitely worth considering! With body oil massage, you can show your body some much-needed TLC and enjoy its therapeutic benefits too! So don’t wait any longer – book a body oil massage today to experience the numerous benefits it has to offer.


Can a massage stop pain?

Therapeutic massage for pain relief – Harvard Health Therapeutic massage may relieve pain by way of several mechanisms, including relaxing painful muscles, tendons, and joints; relieving stress and anxiety; and possibly helping to “close the pain gate” by stimulating competing nerve fibers and impeding pain messages to and from the brain.

Therapeutic massage is an active area of research. In particular, it has been studied for its effect on pain in the back, hands, neck, and knees, among other areas. A study published in Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice showed a reduction in hand pain and an improvement in grip strength among people who had four weekly hand massage sessions and did self-massage at home.

They also slept better and had less anxiety and depression than people in the control group who didn’t receive hand massage. A study published in Annals of Family Medicine in 2014 found that 60-minute therapeutic massage sessions two or three times a week for four weeks relieved chronic neck pain better than no massage or fewer or shorter massage sessions.

Massage therapy can involve varying degrees of pressure. Some people find certain forms of massage, such as deep tissue massage, to be painful. Massage doesn’t have to be painful to be therapeutic, so be sure to tell your therapist the type of touch you prefer (light touch, firm pressure, hard pressure).

Lighter may be more relaxing and therefore more beneficial, depending on your situation. People with certain pain conditions such as fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome may only be able to tolerate light pressure. There are no data to suggest that massage is harmful, but there are some specific situations where it is not recommended: massaging an inflamed area of skin, for example, can make it worse by causing irritation.

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Is massage better with or without oil?

1. A smoother, more comfortable massage – Using an oil allows the hands to glide over the skin during the massage and give a more relaxing experience. Long strokes such as the effleurage technique (designed to warm up the body’s muscle tissues) and petrissage (a kneading movement) are more comfortable with an oil, as the hands won’t drag on well-lubricated skin.

Why do painful massages feel so good?

Your Brain Releases Feel-Good Chemicals and Pain Diminishes – The therapist’s touch causes an immediate reaction in your brain. As soon as your skin’s nerve cells feel pressure, they signal the brain to release feel-good chemicals called endorphins, which boost your mood and give you a natural high.

  • As a result, stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline begin to decrease and the overall effect is one of euphoria and bliss.
  • If you have real aches or pains, the morphine-like effect from the endorphins will help diminish them by blocking pain signals from the brain.
  • And if your muscles are sore after a rigorous workout, a good rubdown will actually help them heal faster.

Researchers found that massage decreases the inflammation caused by exercise and increases the occurrence of cell repair. Many massage professionals use aromatherapy during their treatments by applying fragrant essential oils to your bare skin. These oils complement the therapist’s soothing touch and they smell good, but they also stimulate specific brain activity.

Grapefruit oil can encourage the production of enkephalins, neurotransmitters that act as natural painkillers, while the oil from marjoram can boost your levels of serotonin, helping you feel calm. Lavender is one of the most familiar oils and is known to promote relaxation and sleepiness. And oil extracted from the tropical plant ylang-ylang triggers the release of those feel-good endorphins mentioned earlier.

Try using essential oils at home by drizzling your favorite into a bath or adding it to your unscented body lotion. As the oil combines with the hot water or the heat of your skin, its scent intensifies.

How do I choose a massage oil?

Why use massage oil anyway? – For some massages using oils, especially relaxation massages is a massage must. Why?

  • • Oils help to lubricate the skin and help the hands to glide over the body more freely.
  • • Oils also absorb into the body making the skin more supple and any discomfort associated with the movement of the skin or muscle
  • • Massage oils are usually scented with aromatherapy infused essential oils which assists in creating a relaxing mood and adds an extra dimension to the massage.
  • • Heavier Oils work best for low friction massages and relaxation massages.
  • • Lighter oils will work better for heavier massage such as sports and deep tissue.
  • • Always have a shower after using heavier oils
  • • If you have skin allergies make sure your choose oils labelled hypoallergenic

Sweet Almond Oil – sweet almond oil is probably the most popular massage oil used. This is for many reasons including the fact that it’s light, not overly greasy and can be easily absorbed into the skin and its pH neutral which means that it can be used by all skin types.

  1. Grapeseed Oils – Rich in vitamin E, proteins and minerals, grapeseed oils are also light and non greasy and is rich in linoleic acid which has regenerative effects on the skin.
  2. Apricot Oils – Useful for dehydrated skin apricot oil has moisturizing properties
  3. Jojoba Oils – Works well for more oily and sensitive skin types
  4. Avocado Oils – Great for use on dry, scaly skin especially useful for treating eczema.
  5. Hazelnut Oils – Useful for oily skin.
  6. Apart from choosing an oil to match the type of massage you are looking to receive and one that matches your skin type, choosing the ‘best’ massage oil is really a matter of personal preference.

If you have any more questions about the types of oils we choose to work with here at, simply get in contact with our friendly team of fully accredited massage therapists today, by calling 0473 090 442, or email us at [email protected] : How to choose the best massage oils

Can massage oil burn fat?

Benefits of Massage Oils for Belly Fat Loss – can help the body cope with stress and anxiety, heal muscle pain, swelling, tightness, and enhance overall mood. Massages with massage oil enhance the overall texture of your skin by unclogging pores of excess fat, which increases metabolism and lowers belly fat.