Neck Pain Doctor


Neck Pain Doctor
Specialists Who Treat Neck Pain – A variety of clinicians may be involved in the care of people with neck pain. These include pain medicine specialists like Dr. Waldman; physiatrists; neurologists; sports medicine doctors; spine surgeons, and physical therapists. “With a good physical therapist and participation in a corrective exercise program, most people will get better,” Dr. Waldman says.

How do doctors fix neck pain?

Surgical and other procedures –

Steroid injections. A health care provider might inject steroid medications near the nerve roots, into the spinal joints or into the muscles in the neck. Numbing medications, such as lidocaine, also can be injected to relieve neck pain. Surgery. Rarely needed for neck pain, surgery might be an option for relieving nerve root or spinal cord compression.

Is a massage or chiropractor better for stiff neck?

Choosing the Right Treatment for Your Needs – Here’s a good rule of thumb – if you’re feeling sore and you’d like to relax and relieve tension, a massage may be your best option. If you have discomfort or pain, a chiropractor is likely a better option.

Dr. McSweeney finds that massage therapy and chiropractic care work quite well together. She begins every patient appointment with a G5 massage as a way to warm up the muscles. This machine-assisted therapy manipulates soft tissue on both the muscular and nervous system, and it enhances local and general blood flow and lymphatic fluids.

For the best of both worlds – chiropractic and massage therapy – book an appointment with Dr. McSweeney today. Tags: chiropractic care, neck pain, reno chiropractor

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What kind of doctor treats neck pain and headaches?

Head Pain – Headaches are probably the most common type of pain. Everyone has a headache now and again. But when your headache just won’t go away, or when it keeps returning (called chronic), you should see a doctor. Neurologists are the doctors who usually evaluate chronic headaches.

  • Pain doctors can also provide useful input.
  • We help with headaches by addressing pain and sensitivity from problems with your neck as well as your nerves and other parts of the head.
  • Interventional Headache Program The Interventional Headache Program, spearheaded by Yury Khelemsky, MD, offers a variety of procedures to decrease headaches and neck pain (which is closely related to many types of headaches).

Our team approach enables us to help you with headaches and facial pain.

Can neck pain become permanent?

The serious consequences of delaying treatment – If you have a compressed nerve in your neck and you delay your treatment, you can wind up with shooting, electrical-like pain extending into your back and all the way down your arms. Over time, a pinched nerve can cause your muscles to become weak, and it can interfere with your ability to use your hands.

Eventually, that damage can become permanent, which means delaying care could result in a lifetime of disability. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should ignore muscle strain either. When you strain a muscle, it can cause inflammation which can, in turn, presses on nerves. Or, you might wind up compensating for the strain by putting excess pressure on other areas of your neck and shoulders, which can also press on nerves.

What does that mean? Even a seemingly minor muscle strain can wind up causing nerve compression, which can then cause serious and even permanent damage. The bottom line is pretty simple: Any type of chronic neck pain that goes on for days on end without relief needs to be seen and evaluated by a medical professional.