Typhoid Cure Food


Typhoid Cure Food
Foods To Add –

Carbs-rich food items: During typhoid, you should increase the intake of food high in carbohydrates. Food items high in carbs give energy to your body while keeping your stomach happy.

For this, add porridge, baked potato, and boiled rice in a semi-solid form to your diet, and your stomach will be able to digest it easily.

High-calorie diet: A typhoid patient loses weight during the infection. To manage or prevent this weight loss, you should eat enough food items to match your calorie requirements.

Taking enough calories in the form of food that is easily digestible reduces stomach distress. For example, you can add bananas, potatoes, bread, cereals, etc., to your diet.

Plenty of fluids: Typhoid often results in severe dehydration. Patients with typhoid fever should intake plenty of fluids to give their bodies enough nutrients and maintain fluid balance.

To stay hydrated, add lassi, lime juice, fruit juices, water-rich fruits, buttermilk, glucose water, coconut water, etc.

Omega-3 fatty acids : Food rich in omega-3 helps reduce inflammation and bloating during typhoid fever. The typhoid diet chart should include foods rich in nutrients and omega-3 fatty acids.

To add such food items, you can consume soya beans, eggs, nuts, etc.

Dairy Products: Typhoid patients face protein deficiency during the fever. It is advised to consume dairy products like yoghurt, milk, etc., in the diet to get enough proteins.

Yoghurt is a bifidobacteria that decreases bloating and eases bowel movements during typhoid fever. Apart from the above food items, some other foods are beneficial during typhoid fever. Here are some quick food-related tips below:

  • Eat a maximum of semi-liquid food items during typhoid. These food items are easy to digest and relieve digestive distress.
  • You can also consume highly nutritious soups such as vegetables, chicken, spinach, carrot, and mushroom.
  • To stay hydrated, drink plenty of water after it has been boiled or filtered.
  • Add another healthy item, yellow daal, to your diet to get enough nutrients.
  • Consume 4-5 small frequent meals instead of 2-3 big portion meals.
  • You can consume boiled vegetables as they are easy to digest and highly nutritious.
  • You can also consume herbal teas for hydration as they have antimicrobial properties. You can consume a mixture of yarrow, neem, and sage steeped in water.
  • At last, you can add honey to your diet to meet sugar requirements in your body during typhoid. Its antimicrobial properties help ease the digestive system when consumed with warm water.
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That’s it. You need to note these things while you or someone you know has typhoid fever. Don’t forget these food items don’t act as a typhoid treatment but can affect its quality. Consuming the above food items will give your body enough energy, nutrients, carbs, and proteins whose levels are affected during typhoid fever. Now, let’s have a closer look at food items to avoid during the fever.

Which fruit is good for typhoid fever?

Watermelon And Grapes – Easily digestible food is an essential component of a typhoid diet. And, watermelon and grapes are fruits that have a high content of water and can be digested very easily. The rich water content in these fruits helps in restoring the water content in the body that might have been disrupted due to dehydration in typhoid patients.

Is yogurt good for typhoid?

Semi-solid foods you can eat during typhoid include boiled potatoes, khichdi, porridge, boiled rice, and yoghurt.

Can we eat apple and banana in typhoid?

Food Items You Can Easily Consume In Typhoid Fruits: Banana(small),Oranges and Apple( Without skin),Tender Coconut water.

Can typhoid recover itself?

How is typhoid fever treated? – See your healthcare provider right away if you think you have been exposed to typhoid fever. Most otherwise healthy adults get better on their own, but some people who are not treated may have a fever for weeks or months. Antibiotics are often used to treat typhoid fever. But your healthcare provider will figure out the best treatment for you based on:

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How old you are Your overall health and past health How sick you are How well you can handle specific medicines, procedures, or therapies How long the condition is expected to last Your opinion or preference

It is important to remember that the danger of typhoid fever does not end when symptoms go away. You could still be carrying the bacteria, The illness could also return. Or you could pass the disease to other people. You should:

Take any antibiotics exactly as your healthcare provider tells you to. Always wash your hands after using the bathroom. Have a series of stool cultures. This is to make sure that the bacteria are no longer in your body.

Should I drink more water in typhoid?

Plenty of Fluids A typhoid patient should drink plenty of liquids at home. If an individual has this illness, they should drink plenty of fluids such as coconut water, herbal tea, lime juice, and buttermilk. As patients don’t have much of an appetite, they should drink more liquids to get energy and nutrients.