Ut Cure Syrup Uses


Ut Cure Syrup Uses

  • Menstrual irregularities.
  • Severe pain and discomfort amid menstruation.
  • Excess and heavy bleeding.
  • Absence of menstruation.
  • White discharge.
  • Infection.
  • Infertility.
  • Cysts and fibroids.

What is the benefit of UT care syrup?

Information about UT-Tone Syrup – UT-Tone syrup is a safe, non-hormonal, phytoherbal formulation indicated for treatment of various disorders of the female reproductive syndrome. UT-Tone contains Ashoka, Amruta, Shatavari, Ashwagandha, Jaiphal and other active herbs.

Role of key ingredients:- Ashoka acts as astringent and controls excessive bleeding Amruta is a haematinic, and immune-modulatory agent Shatavari is women’s tonic Ashwagandha is a anti-stress herb Jaiphal regularizes womens’ hormonal balance UT-Tone is an adjuvant to improve uterine function and aids in conception.

UT-Tone does not have the side effects associated with conventional hormone based formulations. UT-Tone is useful in various menstrual disorders (menorrhagia, amenorrhea, leucorrhea, dysmenorrhea) and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). Directions of use: Take two teaspoonfuls twice a day for 90 days or as directed by the physician. HELPFUL REPORT Rajesh Kumar Bharati Verified Buyer 18 January 2022 HELPFUL REPORT Parul Dhaka Punia Verified Buyer 10 February 2022 HELPFUL REPORT Country of origin: India Expires on or after: October, 2025 A licensed vendor partner from your nearest location will deliver UT-Tone Syrup. Once the pharmacy accepts your order, the details of the pharmacy will be shared with you.

Can I take UT tone syrup during periods?

It is prescribed for irregular menstruation (periods), menorrhagia (heavy bleeding in menstruation), premenopausal symptoms, painful dysmenorrhea, leucorrhoea (whitish or yellowish vaginal discharge) and uterine disorders. It helps to increase the libido and also improves stamina and energy levels in women.

Which Syrup for uterus strength?

Order Himalaya Evecare Syrup – 400ml Online Inclusive of all taxes Select Available Variant

Evecare syrup is an ayurvedic syrup that is very helpful for the treatment of menstrual disorders. The syrup contains Ashoka tree extracts, which have estrogenic properties that help heal the inner lining of the uterus. Evecare syrup helps control the inflammation caused due to painful menstrual cramps. Evecare syrup uses include the treatment of premenstrual syndrome, dysfunctional urinal bleeding, abdominal cramps and irregular menstruation. There is no doctor’s prescription required to purchase Himalaya Evecare Syrup,

Himalaya Products are ayurvedic and use top-quality ingredients offering the best results. The Himalaya Evecare Syrup is effective in the treatment of premenstrual syndrome and dysfunctional uterine bleeding. It also regulates the period cycle and stops heavy bleeding.

It has ingredients like the Ashoka tree, which has properties of oestrogen and effectively restores the inner lining of the uterus during menstruation. Asparagus helps regulate the cycle and balances hormones. Lodh tree helps with making the womb more fertile and Malabar nut, which has anti-inflammatory properties as well as analgesic properties act as a pain relief against cramping.

Regular intake of Himalaya syrup will restore haemoglobin levels in the body and regulate the proper functioning of reproductive organs while also reducing general body weakness.

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Is quite effective during PMS, that is, premenstrual syndrome. It also treats dysfunctional uterine bleeding. Helps with relief from cramps during the menstrual cycle and heavy periods. Regulates period cycle. Treats anaemia which sets in as a result of disorders of the uterus. Is an Ayurvedic formula in which natural ingredients are used.

Each 5ml of Himalaya Evecare Syrup includes: As Extracts:

Ashoka (Saraca Asoca or Saraca Indica)50 mg Dashamoola- 33 mg Lodhra – Symplocos Racemosa- 33 mg Guduchi (Giloy) – Tinospora Cordifolia-33 mg Kakamachi – Solanum Nigrum-33 mg Punarnava – Boerhavia Diffusa-32 mg Shatavari – Asparagus Racemosus-32 mg Coconut (Narikela) – Cocos Nucifera-32 mg Ghrita Kumari – Aloe Vera-25 mg And other related ingredients

The Himalaya Evecare Syrup helps reduce symptoms of PMS. It effectively treats dysfunctional uterine bleeding. Offers relief from abdominal cramps during periods. Treats anaemia which can occur due to uterine problems.

Shake the bottle properly every time before drinking it. Drink 2-3 tablespoons two times every day. The syrup should be consumed for at least 3 months for best results. For exact dosage, check with the doctor before use.

Himalaya Evecare Syrup is an ayurvedic ingredient that does not have any side effects. The natural ingredients do not cause any harm to the body.

Close the cap of Himalaya Evecare Syrup tightly after use. Do not keep the syrup directly under sunlight. Store it in a cool and dry place and do not store it under direct sunlight.

Read the information on the label before use. Use only after consulting a physician. Keep it out of children’s reach. Do not store the bottle in the fridge. Use the syrup only under recommended dosage information on the label or as prescribed by the doctor.

Q1. Is the Himalaya Evecare Syrup available only in a 400ml bottle? Ans: It is available in 200ml and 400ml bottles. Q2. Can the syrup help with irregular periods? Ans: Yes, the syrup contains asparagus, which helps regulate the cycle. Q3. What is the expiration date on the bottle? Ans: The syrup is good to consume for 2 years from the manufacturing date on the bottle.

Q4. Can Evecare Syrup make you pregnant? Ans: No, consuming Evecare Syrup will not make anyone pregnant. Q5. Does Evecare Syrup have side effects? Ans: No, there are no side effects of this syrup as it contains only natural ingredients. Q6. Can Evecare Syrup cause miscarriage? Ans: No, Himalaya Evecare Syrup does not cause any harm to the body and cause any miscarriage as it is made from 100% natural ingredients.


What is a tonic for the uterus?

A uterotonic, also known as an oxytocic or ecbolic, is a type of medication used to induce contraction or greater tonicity of the uterus. Uterotonics are used both to induce labor and to reduce postpartum hemorrhage.

Can a woman get pregnant while taking M2 Tone?

Hi, You can conceive only after PCOD is resolved completely.

What are the benefits of U tone?

Utone 50mg Syrup is used to treat various disorders. It is given to women with secondary amenorrhea (no menstruation for 3 months in women who have had their menses before). It is used to support pregnancy, prevent premature labor, and treat bleeding disorders that may occur before menopause.

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How many days after taking M2 Tone syrup will I get my period?

Didn’t find the answer you are looking for? – Talk to experienced gynaecologist online and get your health questions answered in just 5 minutes. Consult with a gynaecologist Online now M2 tone syrup is not for to bring menstrual bleeding.It is uterine tonic.Sometimes it will take 4-6 weeks to bring the period.So wait for few more days.For details contact me through practo online. 1 /1 people found this helpful Was this answer helpful? YES NO M2 tone syrup doesn’t get you periods Next Steps Let others know if this answer was helpful Was this answer helpful? YES NO No 0 /1 people found this helpful Was this answer helpful? YES NO This question featured in : M2 tone during pregnancy M2 tone syrup side effects Disclaimer : The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

What is the best drink for uterus?

Lemons are rich in vitamin C and aids in improving the immunity of your uterus. Drink a glass of warm water with a lemon juice daily in the morning to improve the health of your uterus.

What can I drink for my uterus?

5. Green Tea – Image: Shutterstock Green tea is filled with antioxidants that improve blood flow in the body. They not only help maintain a healthy uterus but may also aid in treating fibroids in the uterus. According to herbal specialists, women with uterine fibroids should drink green tea regularly for around 8 weeks. This may help in the reduction of the number of fibroids ( 15 ). Quick Tip You can add a teaspoon of honey to your green tea to enhance its flavor.

How can I make my uterus stronger to conceive?

Diet/Nutrition – Diet plays an important role in maintaining the health of uterine. Eating healthy and balanced food which is free from any chemicals will help nourish uterine health. You can consult with your specialist and take their help to chart out a diet plan for you.

Hence, your egg health, uterine health and overall fertility will improve positively. Supplements Other major nutrients that play a supportive role in your uterine health are: Because iron is a heavy metal, you should check your iron levels before consuming a high dose supplement as iron does not easily excrete from your body.

Also, it’s best if you can check with your health care professional before you self-prescribe.

What herbs help weak uterus?

Treatment of Weakness of the Uterus The uterus is weak is there is excess of phlegm due to raw vegetables or fruit or to the water. Take fowl, partridge, turtle-dove, quail, pheasant and young woodcock: and let bark of cinnamon mixed with sugar-water be drunk, and old wine or hydromel.

Prescribe herb margaret before meals, and tablets of fragrant roses and gemstones afterwards. Take rose and grains of civet, amber, musk, styrax, spikenard, galingale and odorous rush and amber from the poplar tree: mix all these together, triturate into powder and burn in the fire, shape into a pessary and insert into the entry of the private parts.

If the cause of this weakness is frequent labour or miscarriage, or cold or phlegm, the treatment is the same: but restrain the woman from all movement and seclude her from all grief. Dancing is harmful, and to be borne by fast horses in a carriage, whether heat or cold is the cause.

What herbs tone the uterus?

Calcium – Two trials demonstrate the effectiveness of calcium in reducing cyclic uterine pain. Calcium supplementation Treatment Summary for Dysmenorrhea • Herbalists categorize dysmenorrhea into congestive and spasmodic types. Both can occur concurrently, but identifying the characteristic features of the complaint can help to narrow treatment choices.

• Treatment of congestive dysmenorrhea emphasizes the use of uterotonic and astringent herbs. Herbs used may include blue cohosh, dong quai, ginger, and yarrow. Uterine tonics are used to improve pelvic and uterine circulation, relieve local congestion, and improve pelvic tone. Examples include yarrow, blue cohosh, motherwort, partridge berry, and red raspberry leaf,

Herbs to move the circulation include dong quai, peony, and ginger. • Spasmodic dysmenorrhea is treated with antispasmodics, analgesics, anodynes, and sedating herbs including, for example, cramp bark, black haw, wild yam, black cohosh, Jamaican dogwood, motherwort, dong quai, and pulsatilla, among many other choices.

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Emphasis is placed on reduction of inflammatory compounds that can cause dysmenorrhea. Anti-inflammatory diet and herbs (i.e., licorice, peony, ginger) can be beneficial, as can supplementation with omega-3 fatty acids with EPO, fish oils, or cold water fish. • Topical applications can be used for soothing pain relief, and include ginger fomentations, massage with warm essential oils, and hot baths with essential oils.

• Supplementation with magnesium, calcium, and vitamin E has demonstrated varying levels of improved outcomes. • Stress management, yoga, and exercise have also been shown to be beneficial in the treatment of dysmenorrhea.

What supplements help blood flow to the uterus?

2. L-Arginine – Another way to increase circulation to the uterus is through L-Arginine supplementation, L-Arginine also boosts nitric oxide levels. L-Arginine promotes synthesis of Nitric Oxide (NO). You now know beets are high in nitrate and that nitrate must be converted in the body to nitric oxide.

L-Arginine is a catalyst for this conversion. Supplementation with L-Arginine may promote a healthy environment for implantation by increasing NO levels. The increase of NO levels through L-Arginine supplementation has also been shown to support healthy inflammation levels. This is vital to preventing inflammatory uterine fertility issues, such as endometriosis, PCOS, and fibroids.

L-Arginine along with vitamin E were found to improve blood flow to the uterus, in turn benefiting endometrial-lining thickness in one 2010 study published in Fertility and Sterility,

When should I take Gynicare Syrup?

Recommended Dosage: 10ml 2 to 3 times daily after meals for a minimum of 3 months, or as directed by physician.

How effective is Gynicare Syrup?

Description – Uterine Tonic Gynicare Syrup is a well-balanced formulation for the management of functional gynecological disorders e.g. nonspecific Leucorrhoea, P.I.D, D.U.B. It tones up the uterine musculature, improves its circulation and tones up the entire system. It acts as a styptic and has a soothing effect. Thus, acts as an uterine tonic. – No adverse effects in recommended doses.

What is the benefit of Gynaecolin Ayurveda?

Gynaecolin helps to regulate the monthly cycle by rejuvenating, restoring and keeping her health in check to give her relief, during those days.

How do you use Gynocare Syrup?

Information about Gynocare Syrup – Gynocare is a polyherbal preparation that restores the normal functioning of the female reproductive system.Gynocare contains more than 15 herbs including Lodhra, Ashoka, Shatavari, Yashtimadhu, Tagar, Guduchi, Swet Jiraka, and Sunthi.

  • Role of Key ingredients: Ashoka and Lodhra are astringents, have stimulating effects on the ovarian tissues, and are helpful in leucorrhoea (whitish or yellowish discharge).
  • Shatavari strengthens the reproductive system and regulates the hormonal imbalance.
  • Shatavari also improves lactation.
  • Gynocare restores the disturbed menstrual rhythm.

The powerful synergistic combination balances the hormonal secretions and facilitates conception by toning the muscles of the reproductive system. Gynocare can be used for treatment of irregular menstrual cycles, excessive discharge, mood swings, and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).