Wwe Here Comes The Pain


Wwe Here Comes The Pain

What does Braun Strowman say?

If you love me, you love me, and if you hate me, you hate me, but you’re going to get me. I’m going to give you everything I’ve got, I’m going to put my body on the line, and I’m going to entertain you.

What was Ric Flair’s famous saying?

Ric Flair’s Famous Catch-Phrases: ‘ To be the man, you gotta beat the man.’

Does WWE have a game?

The WWE series (currently branded as WWE 2K; and formerly known as SmackDown!, SmackDown vs. Raw, or simply WWE) is a series of professional wrestling video games based on the American professional wrestling promotion WWE.

Why did Hulk Hogan turn heel?

Hulk Hogan Turns Heel After Getting Booed In WCW – Although Hulk Hogan resumed his all-American babyface character when signing with WCW, it was clear that his gimmick was out of date and didn’t have the same charm that it did during the 1980s and early 1990s. Furthermore, 1996 was the year the wrestling business changed forever. After Scott Hall and Kevin Nash jumped ship to WCW as outside invaders, during their main event tag team match at the Bash at the Beach 1996 PPV, Hulk Hogan revealed himself as the third man of their unit in one of the most shocking heel turns in professional wrestling,

Why did Braun Strowman get removed?

Braun Strowman Out of Action, Pulled from All WWE Creative Talks Braun Strowman is currently on the shelf. A new report from PWInsider notes that Strowman is out of action with an unspecified injury. He is currently on the disabled list and is not expected back any time in the near future.

Strowman has been taken off the board when it comes to any WWE creative ideas. This was not confirmed, but one WWE source believed Strowman may need to undergo surgery, but the nature of the issue has also not been confirmed. Strowman and tag team partner Ricochet were drafted to RAW in the 2023 WWE Draft.

While Ricochet has been used, Braun has not wrestled since their win over Alpha Academy on the May 1 RAW Draft show. Strowman suffered a concussion in late April but was medically cleared to compete one week later. Since being cleared, he has only worked twice – the aforementioned match on May 1, and a Triple Threat tag team bout on the April 28 SmackDown Draft show, against Cruz Del Toro and Joaquin Wilde plus the winners, The Street Profits.

Why is Braun Strowman gone?

Michael Hickey/Getty Images Bleacher Report catches you up on the latest news from the WWE Universe. Strowman Confirms He Suffered Injury WWE Superstar Braun Strowman confirmed Tuesday on Twitter that he is currently healing from an injury. In the tweet, Strowman did not mention the exact nature of the injury, but he thanked his supports and apologized to fans for being unable to work live events over the weekend: The Monster of all Monsters @Adamscherr99 Thank you to everyone that has reached out.

I am doing much better. Hate missing work. Sorry to everyone over the weekend that was looking forward to me performing. We are taking every proper step to make sure I recover to 100% #NothingCanStopTheMonster Much Love 💚💚💚 Strowman appeared to be in some distress Friday on SmackDown during a tag team match pitting him and Ricochet against The Viking Raiders.

It was later reported by PWInsider.com (h/t Felix Upton of Ringside News) that Strowman suffered a concussion. The 39-year-old Strowman was originally under contract with WWE from 2013 until his release in 2021. During his first stint with the company, he accomplished a great deal of success, including holding the Universal, Intercontinental and Raw Tag Team Championships.

WWE re-signed Strowman in September 2022, and for much of his time back with the company, he has been part of a tag team with Ricochet. While Strowman and Ricochet have yet to win tag team gold together, they have been involved in some entertaining matches, including the tag team showcase at WrestleMania 39.

The differing skill sets of Strowman and Ricochet seem to complement each other well, making them one of the better teams in a WWE tag team division that is on the rise. No timetable was provided for Strowman’s return, meaning Ricochet may have to temporarily go back to the singles division until his partner is back in the fold.

  1. Edge Says He Has One Year of “Elite” Wrestling Left In Him After being forced to retire from wrestling in 2011 due to a serious neck injury, Edge made his unexpected return to the ring in 2020.
  2. Since then, Edge has been a part-time performer for WWE and largely one of the biggest fan favorites on the roster, but his time as an active competitor may be running short.
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During an appearance this week on Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast (h/t Subhojeet Mukherjee of Ringside News), Edge suggested that he may only stick around as an in-ring performer for another year before hanging up his boots for good: “I don’t want to stick around to the point where it’s like, ‘Oh, there he is.

  • Okay.’ I don’t want to get there.
  • When I come out now, I feel the explosion.
  • I feel all of that to throw at them.
  • That’s still there.
  • I don’t know if that, for me, will ever go away.
  • Now, I have two little girls that I have to spend the rest of my life taking care of.
  • I have a wish list of things that are still to do, but it’s not long, and neither is the time.

At most, I might have another year in me, to be able to do it at this level and still be able to do it at an elite level where I can still hang, where I have to get in with Austin Theory, who is 25 and wasn’t born when I had my first match in WWE.” Edge was a surprise entrant in the 2020 men’s Royal Rumble match, and since then he has gone on to have memorable WrestleMania matches against Randy Orton, Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan, AJ Styles and Finn Balor.

Most recently, The Rated-R Superstar defeated Balor in a hard-hitting Hell in a Cell match at WrestleMania 39, and he has not appeared on WWE programming since then. Edge is likely biding his time before his next big program, and based on his comments, it could prove to be one of his last. The WWE Hall of Famer has gotten to have his fair share of dream matches since returning to the ring, and there are perhaps a few more waiting in the wings before he steps away for good.

Knowing how much he overcame to get back to the business he loves, Edge figures to soak in every second, as will his fans. Female Superstars Reportedly Unhappy About Nixed Raw Segment Some of the stars of the Raw women’s division were reportedly upset about getting cut from Monday night’s episode of Raw.

According to Fightful Select (h/t Upton ), multiple female Superstars were “vocal” about their unhappiness over having their television time taken away, including a scheduled backstage segment with WWE official Adam Pearce on this week’s Raw. PWInsider.com (h/t Mukherjee ) reported that the segment or segments would have involved Sonya Deville, Candice LeRae, Piper Niven, Tamina and Zelina Vega.

However, none of them was featured, and the main focus within the women’s division was a six-woman tag team match that saw Bianca Belair, Raquel Rodriguez and Liv Morgan defeat Damage CTRL. PWInsider noted that cutting the other women from the show was a decision made remotely by WWE chairman Vince McMahon rather than WWE head of creative Triple H.

  • WWE’s booking of the women’s division on both Raw and SmackDown has been inconsistent for quite some time, making the cut segment a microcosm of a bigger problem.
  • With the WWE draft set for Friday’s SmackDown and next week’s Raw, perhaps shaking up the rosters will provide WWE’s creative decision-makers with the desire and opportunity to handle the women’s division better moving forward.

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Why was Braun Strowman not in WWE?

The reason why Braun Strowman has been out of action following his move to the WWE RAW brand Braun Strowman has not wrestled in WWE since the May 1st 2023 edition of RAW. Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com is reporting that Strowman, who was drafted to RAW, is dealing with an unspecified injury.

What is Hulk Hogan’s famous saying?

Hulkamania Is Running Wild, Brother – 1 of 15

Arguably the most recognizable face in pro wrestling is Hulk Hogan, naturally he would have one of the most recognizable catchphrases of all time. Hogan was WWE and WCW’s top guy for most of the 80s and 90s. He was seen as the ultimate good guy. He embodied everything WWE wanted its fans to cheer for. His moniker of Hulk Hogan eventually spawned the buzz words Hulkamania and Hulkamaniacs to describe the Hogan revolution and his loyal followers. His catchphrase eventually became “Hulkamania is running wild, Brother” and soon after it began to appear on shirts, lunchboxes and posters for the red and yellow hero.

Why do rappers say Ric Flair?

Why Are Rappers So Obsessed With Wrestler Ric Flair? The age-old idiom in the past told us that most athletes wanted to be rappers, and that most rappers wanted to be athletes. While there have certainly been ample cases to prove the fact – including cross-pollination by the likes of Shaquille O’Neal, Allen Iverson, Kobe Bryant and Damian Lillard from the NBA into the world of rap music, and Master P, 2 Chainz, Cam’ron and The Game from the world of hip-hop flirting with NBA aspirations, there may have to be an addendum made to the theory.

Moreso than maybe ever before, rappers are providing evidence through their lyrics, sartorial garb and inflated personas that they want to be Ric Flair – the sequin clad, square-jawed wrestling legend who continues to be as culturally relevant as he was over forty years ago. On the surface level, Flair may seem like an unlikely source of inspiration for hip-hop artists.

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But an examination of how he lived his life and how he enjoyed an upward trajectory – when he went from Fred Phillips to The Nature Boy – reveals countless similarities. Although being a rapper is a relatively common pursuit for people these days, the acceptance is part of a long period of growth for hip-hop since Kool Herc’s fateful party in the Bronx in 1973.

For most artists, being a rapper isn’t a trade that is passed down from one generation to the other – like with other vocations like firefighting and law enforcement. Had that been the case, most individuals topping the charts like Kanye West, Pharrell Williams and Drake all would have gone into the world of academia due to their parents positions in the workforce.

While they weren’t pushed away from music, they certainly weren’t pushed into it either. For newer artists like Travis Scott, he saw instances when he and his father got in physical altercations over his rap aspirations,, “I was going hard for this shit.

Gary McPherson, a Professor of Music Education at the University of Illinois, has made direct connections between parental support and musical success.”Parents who provide early encouragement and gentle ongoing support, are far more likely to see their child succeed with music,”,One can’t help but think that replacing music with any number of other disciplines – especially athletics – would have a similar impact.

Ric Flair’s own origin story provides a similar narrative as Scott’s – where the pursuit of acquiring the necessary tools to compete in the highest level of wrestling was met with disdain from his conservative parents. Simply put, they couldn’t understand why their child – who had possessed a strong football acumen – wanted to parade around in his jockey shorts.

  1. Despite a lengthy career which began in 1972 and spanned well over 35 years, Flair estimates that his parents only saw him wrestle three times.
  2. It’s like seeing Michael Jordan play basketball if you’re his parents,” Rory Karpf, the director behind the ESPN 30 for 30 on his life, Nature Boy,
  3. I mean, he was the best guy! He did it forever too.

It’s not like he was wrestling every once in a while. I mean, he was wrestling constantly and he was the best dude, so you’d think there would have been many opportunities to go see him and think about how many big matches. And that’s what really struck me, and he said, ‘well, they didn’t get it.’ Well, who cares? I mean, he’s the best! If my kid could play chess, I may not understand it, but I’ll go see him play chess, so I found that pretty striking.” Many attributes make rap music popular; especially the unflinching look at poverty – created through systematic racism – which pushes many young men and women into chronicling the impact of need informing necessity,

  • The “gangsta rap” genre saw young rappers describing what they saw; whether that was being tangibly involved in illicit activities, or as journalistic conduits.
  • As Ice Cube, ” was really our only weapon of protest against what we saw.
  • What was happening to our neighborhood.
  • Coming in in the era of gangbanging and crack and police brutality and Reaganomics, this whole mixture of things forged N.W.A.

And the neighborhood that we come from made N.W.A.” Groups like N.W.A, 2 Live Crew, Geto Boys, U.G.K, and solo artists like Biggie and Tupac created the template for what it meant to be rappers – dictating everything from fashion to lyrical content. Since not everyone interested in participating in the genre shared a similar origin story, artists subsequently felt obligated to stretch the truth.

As DMV rapper, Goldlink,, “I feel like 99% of niggas lie in they raps; I don’t. And the thing is, if niggas gonna lie and say they’re gonna shoot somebody, they should at least tell the facts of the story. Because you likely gonna get caught. Think about it: You’re not just gonna shoot somebody or sell drugs and then everything’s gonna be OK.

It’s not like that. Rap songs had me start selling drugs, and that shit was not what I thought it was. So if you gonna tell it, just tell the whole truth. There are more negatives than positives, so if people stop lying in their rhymes, they would stop misleading a generation the wrong way.” Those that know Ric Flair outside of the ring describe him as a compulsive liar.

  • His first wife, Leslie Goodman, stated in the 30 for 30 about his life, “Don’t trust him.” WWE superstar, Paul Michael Levesque (Triple H) echoed her sentiments, saying, “Ric is a consummate liar.
  • He’ll only tell you what he wants you to hear.” Ric Flair has lived quite an extraordinary life.
  • He’s survived a lightning strike and a plane crash that shattered three vertebrae.

But there are smaller and less “glamorous” stories like exposing himself on an airplane and buying rounds of drinks for strangers just so he didn’t have to drink alone. People expected him to be the “the Stylin’, profilin’, limousine riding, jet flying, kiss-stealing, wheelin’ n’ dealin’ son of a gun!” Flair fed the expectations by attempting to be a living embodiment of his wrestling gimmick which itself was actually pilfered from Buddy Rogers.

  1. But whereas rappers often depict a narrative focusing on street-level exploits which resulted in lavish riches, Flair portrayed that he had started at the top, and refused to acknowledge that his own personal life was crashing down around him.
  2. Thus, he’s not only something that kids of a certain age admired, but also the tragic figure which reminds their adult selves about the pitfalls of excess.
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People often mock wrestling for not being “real” and applaud rap music for being “authentic.” But in both cases, they are stylized versions of theater based on genuine criticisms of how the American Dream often times begins as a nightmare. “As a kid growing up watching Ric Flair, he was very inspirational to myself and a lot of other hip-hop artists because he represented what we wanted to be,” Snoop Dogg said in the 30 for 30,

  • We wanted to be Ric Flair; we wanted to be flamboyant and the ‘kiss-stealin, wheelin-and-dealin,’ we wanted to be all of that.
  • He was a part of our culture and our life.
  • That’s why we love him and we cherish him.
  • We’ve always held him high in the black community, because Ric is one of us.” While Flair was touting his $10,000 USD robes, alligator-skin shoes and a Rolex for every day of the week – all lofty goals for whomever was watching – WWE stars like Rowdy Roddy Piper was appearing in black face to promote his feud with a character from Harlem, Bad News Brown, whom he later wrestled – in black face – during WrestleMania VI.

Other notable African-American wrestlers/personalities at that time included Virgil – a would-be man servant to The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase – and Papa Shongo, a mysterious witch-doctor who was played by Charles Wright (who notably embodied other stereotypical characters like Kama Mustafa and The Godfather).

  1. Flair’s gimmicks had universal appeal.
  2. It was especially pertinent for those exposed to early rap lyrics advocating commercialism like Run D.M.C.’s “My Adidas,” and on JAY-Z’s debut project, Reasonable Doubt, where brands like Lexus, Cristal, Mercedes-Benz, Gucci, BMW, Rolex and Versace were all name checked.

But it wasn’t just that Flair mentioned what he had. Instead, he made it clear why his possessions made him better than not only his opponents, but also those watching at home. ” the first supreme shit-talker. Like a rapper,” says Pusha T. On his song, “Ric Flair,” Kills Mike used the wrestler’s persona to paint a template for success in hip-hop music; pointing to aspects in Flair’s arsenal like the writing abilities of Christopher Wallace, the swagger of Diddy and a “wicked mindstate” like 50 Cent. Both hip-hop and wrestling share a similar knack for borrowing from the past. With music, Future has had a distinct sonic impact on newer artists like Young Thug, 21 Savage and Desiigner. From a flow perspective, artists like A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Young M.A., XXXTentacion and Logic have all been at least suspected of borrowing cadences from other rappers.

  • While some have dismissed any similarities – refusing to even acknowledge a simple homage – Logic has instead owned up to the fact that hip-hop sometimes has to rob Peter to pay Paul.
  • Simply put, if it worked before, it will probably work again.
  • In wrestling, the imitation is much more overt because there’s also a visual element.

Tag team duo, Demolition, copied The Road Warriors, The Renegade was an Ultimate Warrior clone, and well-regarded wrestlers of their eras like Bret Hart, Sting, Diamond Dallas Paige and Stone Cold Steve Austin all borrowed their devastating finishes from other wrestlers.

Ric Flair has always been unabashed about his Nature Boy gimmick which he took from Buddy Rogers, saying, “But I took stuff to a whole new level.” When A$AP Rocky sat down with journalist, Elliot Wilson, at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2015, he succinctly, “rap is the new wrestling,” noting that how choosing an adopted moniker and crafting unique verbiage was a centerpiece for success in each discipline.

Ric Flair remains the most prominent example of the additional connective tissue in Rocky’s comparison. It simply isn’t enough to craft a persona; It has to become second nature. In an episode of his podcast, Dinner With the King, legendary wrestler, Jerry Lawler, made the case that actor, Andy Kaufman, deserved a spot in the WWE Hall-of-Fame for growing the sport, saying, “That was the beginning of sports entertainment.

  1. That was the first time that wrestling and the entertainment world collided head-to-head and wound up working together.” The same case could be made for Ric Flair’s inclusion in the Hip-Hop Hall of Fame.
  2. Whether it be mentions by the Wu-Tang Clan, or Offset immortalizing the wrestler in diamonds, he’s the rare figure who has remained a viable namedrop for going on three decades.

: Why Are Rappers So Obsessed With Wrestler Ric Flair?